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Are you enjoying nursing school? Is it what you expected? Or are you miserable? (with the schedule not career choice). Are you still glad you chose it? Is it going by fast? -Jasmine ... Read More

  1. by   nsgstudentjen
    I too am in an accelrated BSN program. Our classes are 4-6 weeks long. I just did Critical Care in 6 weeks. I really though I would not pass, but I did.
    Do I enjoy school? Not really. I have made some great friends, and I know this is what I want to do, but the nurses at our clinicals are just mean and negative to students so we dread clinical. And, although I know I signed up for this fast track approach, some classes (CC for one) cannot be taught in 6 weeks!
  2. by   Nurse2B2005
    Quote from widow2RN
    Did I write that first paragraph??? Wait! I know I couldn't have... because I'm just about to finish only 2nd semester! HA! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!! It does seem to fly by... once you get I'm still looking ahead to the "dreaded" 3rd semester I've already heard so much about (make you or break you)... and sucker for learning that I am...I even agreed to sign up for the EXTRA class in Pathophysiology for 3rd semester (separate from the 10 hour nursing program classes... because they PROMISED that THIS time they've lined it up to teach the patho as we are having to learn it in 3rd. We'll see... (none of the objectives have matched up with the current books too well)...

    In this 2nd semester of clinicals, we finally moved from nursing home to hospital. I was piqued by your comment about "that's when the real learning begins," because in OB clinicals this semester, I was told the same thing by one of the nurses on that floor. She told me that we just have to get through all the bull of the program, but that it's when we graduate, get licensed, and start working at a hospital under other nurses... that's when we'll start really learning it all. So, let me know how it goes for you after graduation. Good luck on the NCLEX-RN... and good luck on your start in nursing!
    Thanks Widow2RN for the well wishes for the NCLEX! Yes, the dreaded 3rd semester was probably the hardest for me, and I also did hear that it will "make you or break you". Looking back though, that was probably the funnest semester, believe it or not. Just take it one day at a time, and you will look back and realize that it wasn't as bad as you thought. Absorb everything as much as you can and you will do well!
  3. by   Jen2
    Things I Love!
    - My Patients
    - All the wonderful friends I have met
    - Learning
    - A few instructors that I still manage to respect

    Things I don't like.
    - The hours (However, I am sure I'll also hate the hours in the hospital as a new nurse.)
    - Most of the instructors. (However, I am sure I will not get along with everyone I work with either)
    - The amount of work (However, I am sure I will feel overwhelmed the first time I am assigned six patients and one codes)
    - Having to score a 78% (anything less is failing in my program) on all tests. (However everyday as a nurse you have to work and be focused 100% of the time)

    Even the things you don't like about nursing school prepares you for nursing. There is a reason for everything. I have loved my overall experience.
  4. by   soontobe_RN
    I haven't started clinical yet( I'm starting Aug05), but I can honestly say that I do love nursing school. I have taken all of my prereqs., and all but one was great!!! The one that I didn't like was not b/c of the course. It was b/c of the instructor. I think she belonged in a mental hospital, seriously!!! I actually dropped the course half way through the semester with an A average. I took it again the following semester and loved it!! Now, I will say that at the and of each semester I get tired and need a break. Still, though, I love nursing and everything that comes with it, which includes classes.
  5. by   scorpionrs33
    Quote from SN_2B_RN
    I wish I was like some who enjoyed going to Nursing School. I particuarly not enjoying it. Reasons why:

    * the distance of travelling to uni & the location is just a tad boring
    (it can be long train rides there, no buses can get me there, getting the car can be difficult)

    * not many supportive teachers
    * years have flown by so quick
    * not alot of energy or emphasis gets put on subjects, labs, its like half *** job and I respond by Well whats the point
    * hasnt built my confidence
    * too many essays not enough practicals in the hospitals

    If I could redo this experience I would have chosen a better Uni to go to. As right now, being my last year at Uni, I feel so scared of going out in the nursing world. I dont think I am very well prepared for it, my knowledge is down the drain. What I feel I am good at is communicating patients, making them happy. All the clinical skills I feel awkward with. I hope this passes.

    It got me thinking: What is the point of school when we have to go to hospitals for placement anyways. I learn more at the hospitals then at Uni. I am more fulfilled practically and I am not an academic person that can do these awful essays. No way. Unfortunately its the only way to be an Rn in Australia is to go through University system.

    I have been feeling like crap for a while now as i had to do essays a week apart of each other and its got me depressed. I think too much theory has driven the practical information away from me.

    Is there anyone else feeling the same way as me

    even though I mostly enjoy school, I do understand some of what you feel. I do not feel I get enough clinical time either, and I have to do care plans 11 pages long after each clinical. My ain nursing class is 3 hours long 2 times a week, i feel that time could have been better spent having the teacher be available to help practice the hands on skills, instead of sitting in a chair, falling asleep during a boring film or lecture. Our lab days consisted of the teacher telling us(lecturing) what to do in 1.5 hours, then giving about 20 students half an hour to practice while she was available to help. Like that would give one student like what, 2 minutes to help?? I think the labs could be where the teacher didn;t lecture, we would have to read the matierial, ask if we have questions, then get right to hands on practicing with the teacher there to help for 1.5 know, like the other way around. I'm not saying i don't practice outside of class, lab, cuz i do, but there hardly is any teacher around to tell me if what i'm practicing is right, you know...
  6. by   tencat
    Quote from Catys_With_Me
    NO! NO! YES! YES! YES!

    Hey, where are you going to school in New Mexico? I start at UNM-Albuquerque in June in the accelerated BSN second degree program.
  7. by   JenNJFLCA
    Nursing school: a love-hate relationship

    The friendships I have made
    Most of my professors & clinical instructors
    2 or 3 of the nurses I have worked with in clinical
    Taking caring of people
    Babies!! (I love L&D)
    Knowing that I don't have to work at a lab forever

    Feeling incompetent all the time
    Rude nurses
    Not getting any sleep
    Having to work Full-time b/c I am post-bac
    Not having any time for my boyfriend and friends and family