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  1. Okay, so I'm new to this site and not quite sure how everything works. I am participating in a class assignment that is supposed to expose us to different kinds of computer "stuff" such as discussion boards and listservs. I need someone to reply to this thread for me to get credit on this assignment. Any help would be appreciated. While I have your attention, I would like any information that you might have about hospice nursing. I am currently working as a Pain Management LPN and I will be graduating this December with my RN. I am very interested in Hospice nursing, but not sure about the pros and cons of the job. If you have any info about Hospice nursing, the good and the bad, I would love to hear it. Thanks for your help!!!!!
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    Consider yourself credited. Welcome to allnurses.

    I have very little experience with hospice, just a 1 day rotation last month. I found it to be a very emotionally draining day. I was in a short-term facility where the expected life expectancy was no more than 2 weeks. It was interesting but I don't think I could work in that environment.
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    I'm sure you have lots to share! Worked Hospice for several years + palliative care focus in homecare so willing to exchange info.
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    Hi, ASU_LPN2RN!

    My experience with Hospice was personal as my mother was a hospice patient this past year. She was, by the way, an LVN here in California for many years. The hospice RN who was her case manager, came here to our home the first day and spent, I think, almost 2 hours evaluating the situation. By the end of the day, we got a delivery of all kinds of assistive equipment that included a hospital bed, commode, wheelchair, overbed table and oxygen. That RN worked FAST. She also called later in the day to inform us of what other nursing personnel would be coming to the house to help out. On her next visit, she came with a carton of chocolate Ensure and drugs. She told us not to buy any food for mom without checking with her first since they had all kinds of food in their warehouse. On the night my mother died, it was an early Sunday morning, I called the RN on call as I had been instructed to do. She was here in an hour, pronounced my mother, took the narcotics and destroyed them and made sure I knew what needed to be done as far as body removal, etc. I had already made arrangements with a local funeral home anyway. I have since gotten calls periodically from everyone of the healthcare workers from hospice that had been in and out of our home. When it comes to patience and listening they put the rest of the nursing world to shame, let me tell you. They were EXCELLENT. I spoke with a cousin who had hospice for her husband a few years ago and her experience was the same. She couldn't say nicer things about the hospice they used.

    I've never wanted to do any kind of home health nursing myself. The thought of going into other people's homes just doesn't appeal to me. You have to be very non-judgmental and accepting of people's personal habits and ways to do that kind of work. If this is what you aspire to, however, I commend you and say "go for it". This is becoming a very large part of nursing today. I should also say that prior to my mother's final diagnosis with terminal cancer we had one home health agency that sent out a social worker who absolutely stunk and was quite unprofessional. When I called to complain to the owner of the agency about her, all she did was argue with me and defend the social worker. I reported them both to their respective licensing boards in the state of California.

    And, on that happy note--not--let me say, welcome to allnurses!
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    Thanks to everyone who gave me their input. I look forward to more thread posts and replies. Have a great day!!!!
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    I work in Palliative Care and find it a privilege to deal with the dying and their families. I know that I am trying to keep them as comfortable as possible and helping the family come to terms with the patient's condition.
    I have thought about hospice now and then but ours isn't hospital based but in home. I don't think I'd like driving all over the county.