Nursing school mentor?????

  1. My nursing class has been given a mentor. This woman has been through the first semester of classes, but "did not do as well as she would have liked" and is repeating the entire smester. On the clinical roster she has been designated as a mentor. I do not understand how (or why) the school would bestow a title on a student that failed. Is this a common practice in nursing schools?

    I have been told the best way to get through school is with my head down, my mouth shut and my eyes closed ( not my best talents). Would it be suicide to complain to the head of the department?

    Any input will be appreciated. Thanks for listening.

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  3. by   Loubell RN 2B
    Did she fail the semester or is she repeating it on her own to review or get a better grade? If she failed, I do not see why they are setting her up as a mentor unless they think that the little things that did sink in would help the fresh ones out... Weird...

    I would hesitate to question their decision to make her mentor but if you feel that strong about it, word it in a way that does not offend them... Lord knows you do not want to put them off..

    Keep us posted..

  4. by   thatldo
    Is that right? One mentor per class???
    I had my mentor assigned to me last week, one per student from the "upper" class.
    After introducing herself to me I could tell we wouldn't click (she was tooooo quiet) I found myself another one closer to my age and she volunteered herself. Phew.
  5. by   howie122832
    I found my own mentor..... She is a friend of mine who is a CCRN, and was working as the education coordinator for the hospital she works at... She's been an RN for 15 years, and she knows her stuff!!!!! We were assigned to be a "big" sister to the class that followed us, (new program started after we did) and the girl I was assigned to was "wacked"...... she expected me to teach her the stuff that she should of learned in class... WHatever.....
  6. by   memphispanda
    We were assigned faculty mentors. We have tutors available if we need them also. I am a student tutor for nursing classes and Chemistry. I would be very leery of having someone who failed designated as a mentor. I could see that they might have some insight into how the tests are given and what hoops you have to jump through, but it seems obvious they aren't that knowledgeable about nursing.
  7. by   babynursewannab
    That is weird to only have one for the class. We all have, and/or are, individual mentors.

    The thing about the head down, mouth shut... made me laugh. In my case, it's true. I to stood up for myself a couple of times...not pushy, but my clinical instructor didn't like hearing that I may actually be right and she may have to alter HER thought processes. (Of COURSE those weren't words that actually came out of my mouth!!!!!) I was always gentle with it, too. My eyebrows raised and starting, sounding almost apologetic, with the phrases like, "Um. Can you help me? I'm not sure but what would happen if...?" --VERY passive aggressive. Still, when I decided to shut up and cover my a$$ if necessary, we got along SMASHINGLY!!!

    I think as long as you know your stuff, you'll be ok.
  8. by   annies
    Thank you, everyone for your help. To answer the question from Loubell - she failed and she is still failing "only missed the last test by one point," yet she still seems to think she is part of the faculty. She disrupts class, answers all questions that are addressed to the instructor, continues to pick on the younger inexperienced students by telling them about how hard it is to pass and how sick they will get when they get to clinicals because of sights and smells. I call this bullying, not mentoring. I am so sorry I choose this school.

    Again thanks for the input. I think I will eventually explode and either take it to administration or just smack her one when she is doing her threat thing.

  9. by   essarge
    Since I am not one to do the "keep your eyes down, mouth shut" type person I would like to offer this advice.

    1. Collectively, AS A CLASS, approach the instructor of this course (in a diplomatic way of course) with one spokes person. Explain to her that, AS A CLASS, you feel that this "mentor" is disruptive and not conducive to the learning environment that you are sure the INSTRUCTORS want. Do not turn this into a B**** session. Just state the facts as a whole unit (THE CLASS).

    2. Wait a few days and see if it does any good.

    3. Next step is to repeat step number one, only with the DEAN of the school this time. Don't forget that this is to be done COLLECTIVELY AS A CLASS!

    Warning: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, do this as an individual. This could put you and your desire to be a nurse in grave danger. If you go AS A CLASS, this will show that you are using critical thinking, teamwork and have used the proper channels.

    We had a student that was very confrontational and AS A CLASS, we went to the instructor and the Dean of the Department. This student was put on notice that if she continued to do this, she would be asked to leave the program and not given a reference to continue it at another school.

    Everytime we have a "problem" we approach it as a team.
  10. by   justjill
    i want a mentor!

    it would have been really helpful the last two years!!

    good luck annies!