Nursing School Makes me Feel Dumb - Anyone been there before?

  1. Hey all,
    I'm really struggling to not sink underwater. Everything was going smoothly in my OB rotation, I felt like I knew the material and it was really exciting seeing new procedures ect.

    Then I get a D on a quiz... talk about a slap in the face.
    On top of that, I have a professor who is extremely disorganized and doesn't even know how to give helpful tips on what to improve on. Just makes me feel like an idiot when she said "I don't know what to tell you to make it sink into your brain".

    All my insecurities from year one rush back. How am I supposed to make it through next year with my sinking self-esteem?

    I have not had a single instructor during clinical give me any positive feedback. At. All. Of course Ive had great nurses that were nice and instructors that were nice, but I feel like I'm barely getting through.

    Part of me wants to escape with the little bit of dignity I still have!
    But I'm not a quitter and will try to pass.... I just want to know if anyone went through this sense of dread and felt better as time passed?
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  3. by   Esme12
    Yes we have all been there.....the instructors aren't supposed to give you compliments they are supposed to correct you until you get it right. Nursing isn't for the faint of heart. It;s a whole new way of thinking. You have to constantly think...what is the worst case scenario first so you are prepared if it occurs.

    What semester are you?
  4. by   krisiepoo
    My instructors/professors aren't there to hold my hand, they're there to push me until I'm ready to break (or at least that's what it feels like!)

    Take your education into your own hands. are you able to review your exam? if we get below 80% we are automatically required to review using the Loma Linda tool. we have to write out each question we got wrong and then find the rationale for it and answer why we chose the answer we chose. If you don't have that tool, maybe do something like that on your own? I've failed one exam and that really opened my eyes to how I answer questions.
  5. by   LPN709
    Like the previous posters said...they are there to push you. Be thankful if your instructor is hard on you and doesn't baby you. It teaches you to think for yourself and develop your critical thinking skills. Which, obviously, is what nursing is all about. There won't be an instructor there when you get a job. As for the test situation....I don't know what your study habits are but a big thing I learned in school is two important things: 1. Don't overload yourself with information. Make sure to study hard and then take a break. Or even a nap. When I was in school, I would study for hours and get so frustrated because I didn't feel like I knew anything. But then I would get a good night's sleep and when I got up the next day, the information was there. Which leads me to number 2: trust your first instincts. When taking a test, try not to go back and change your answers. More often than not, you were right in the first place. But nursing school tests have a special way of messing with your head lol and making you second guess yourself. That's my best advice for you. Hope it helps. Good luck!
  6. by   Avill
    I know that. I've been telling myself that, and I would welcome commentary if she had any. She has no feedback. I feel better after clinical Monday thank God.
    Sigh.. and on a quarter system, so I'm in the fall quarter.
  7. by   Avill
    I agree ! I feel like I try to know everything in the book! agh. Thank you though.
  8. by   Avill
    This is an old post, but I just want to say that the instructor got fired and nursing school got "easier" . I'm definitely going to graduate