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I was wondering about anyone out there that was doing nursing school with no kids. The reason is is that it is still hard not having kids going through school because I bet your use to having a... Read More

  1. by   sparklingteardrops21
    I don't really have a social life any more either. I rarely see the people I grew up with or were friends with before nsg school. Facebook has helped me keep in contact with them so that keeps me a little sane :spin: Most of my friends now are classmates and when we're not studying we'll go hang out... especially the weekends after exams.... we party! Classmates make the best friends because they are your support system and know exactly what you're going through
  2. by   JazzyK89
    I'm a junior in college getting my BSN.
    I would say that I have a pretty healthy balance between a social life and my studies. I'm not really the partying/drinking type of girl, and I'm not 21 yet, so that rules out a lot of places to go around my school...but I always find at least a little bit of time to just hang out and go to the movies, shopping, and doing other things that don't revolve around completely trashing myself and then having to be able to get up the next morning to study or go to
  3. by   Aurora77
    Quote from DolceVita
    Que? Social life?

    We have a day off tomorrow and I fully intend to sleep until midday then bumble around in PJs.
    Seriously, I feel like I haven't been alone for a moment since I started NS. Need some alone time...urgently.
    I've taken to finding a comfy chair in my school's library and reading in between classes. I'm not alone, but I'm by myself. I'm taking 19 hours, so grabbing 20 or 20 minutes of quiet time between classes has been a lifesaver. I tend to be an introvert so I desperately need that quiet time.
  4. by   ErinJane
    I have to make time to go out with friends once a week or I would go stir crazy. Those 5-8 hours of no-nursing, dancing, drinking, flirting and relaxing get me through my whole week. I only work 12-20 hours a week though. The rest of my time (or a good portion of it) goes into studying.
  5. by   diane227
    As I said earlier, nursing school must have really changed. When I was in nursing school I had a part time job and a MAJOR social life and still made it to all my classes, passed my courses and passed boards on the first pass. What are they doing to you guys out there? We had to see our patients the day before, do a care plan for them, do drug cards for each of their drugs, research their diagnosis and this was way before the internet. We had to go to the library and look this junk up. Had some of those mean instructors standing over you while you were trying to do something. What a pain. I get students on my floor now and I am not sure what they are doing. I used to spend a couple of hours at the hospital the night before clinical reading charts etc but I don't see the students doing this. Do you guys do this?
  6. by   AZO49008
    Quote from HumptyDumpty
    Ya for you... I have just as much of a social life as I did before I started nursing school. Seriously, this crap isn't that hard. Just study and do what you have to do. If you let nursing school completely consume your life, than you lacked one in the first place
    Seriously? You think I lacked a life before nursing school? You should stick to posting about things you know something about. I actually had a pretty active and vibrant lifestyle.

    Nursing school doesn't "consume my life completely" but it does take up a sizable chunk. And when I have time that isn't saddled with studying, I find I am less willing to share it with others. I realize that's a choice, so I'm not complaining about the temporary lack of a social life. I'm just matter of fact about the fact that it's not what it used to be before nursing school.
  7. by   Blove86
    Whats this social life you speak of......I havent had one of those since Spring 2007
  8. by   cincin1
    I do have a family and they remain my most important part of life, but honestly we have all suffered. My friends basically consist of my classmates at this time. After school I plan to reconnect with my other friends, stay in contact with my former classmates, and have twice as many friends! Not a bad deal.... But hey, if you value your time and you don't have kids, put school first for now. Just my opinion.
  9. by   aussiemom
    Hmm, social life. I usually try to take a day off on weekends just to chill, and then catch up on whatever needs being done. I'm a "hunting widow" so I have a lot of time to myself!
  10. by   chuckz
    I have a wife and three year old boy that haven't seen me much these past couple of years. I work and go to school full time. I am in a BSN program that requires a lot of extra curricular activities such as community service, home care and a ton of other outside school things. It's been tough. I have 5 months left until I graduate and I can't wait. I can actually see the light, I just can't screw up right now. I need to keep plugging along. I am soooooo going to party in Vegas when April comes. I'm just about sick of not being able to hang with my little boy. It hurts badly, but the reward of having a job forever that pays well and offers advancement is pretty cool. I wouldn't trade it, but I sure do have battle scars from it.
  11. by   Forever Sunshine
    I wish my nursing school let us go to the hospital/nsg home and read up on our patients chart the night before and prepare for the next day.

    I didnt have much of a life during nursing school and the nights i did have off I would catch up with cleaning/laundry/errands etc.
  12. by   Tippies
    (I'm gonna rant my heart out so this is a long post...)

    I'm curretly a Nursing student and my social life is oficially dead. It's dead, dead, dead.
    This semester, because of one measly class we have to take, our schdules were restructured and has become more toxic than ever.

    The first three days of every week (Mon-Wed) is our hopsital duty day, while the 4th and 5th days lecture days. Me and my groupmates are on the AM shift for the whole of this month.

    First day of duty: aside from the typical VS taking, CBG monitoring, etc., we have to thoroughly interview our clients, perform physical assesment, and make a sample SOAPIE which will be checked by our Clinical Instructor 1-2 hours before the end of the shift. By 2 PM, we have to rush out of the hospital and go back to our school for our 3-4PM lecture. If you're not home by 6 PM, say goodbye to sleep since you won't have enough time to complete the requirements that it to be passed tomorrow.

    Second day: we have to submit a Nursing Care Process, at least two Nursing Care Plans, a Drug Analaysis of all of the drugs the cleint assigned to us is currectly taking as well as patophysiology of thier disease. Then, charting and whetever it is that's to be done to our patients for that day. By 2 PM, we have to, again, rush back to school for the Post Conference which will last until 4PM. By the time we get home, we feel so tired and so sleep-deprived that we can berely change out of our uniforms.

    Third day: we have to sneak some of our review materials in the hopital 'cause we have a case presentation at the end of our shift and a whole day of lecture the following day.
    Why review? It's because our professors are bound to give quizzes after thier lecture which could greatly affect our grades for that particular concept. By 2PM, we have to rush back to shcool for our 3-4PM lecture again.

    Fourth day is very tiring for the mind. Eight hours of lecture (8AM-5PM) and we have to cram those information in our worn-out brains within 30 minutes. If I were to list the Mnemonics I use for recalling information, it'll be longer than this post.

    Fifth day is just the same as yesterday.

    Sixth Day? If we're unlucky, we'll be on duty for 8 hours again... if not, we'll spend most of the day on bed, snoozing away.

    Seventh day: prepare for tomorrow's duty.

    That's the same cycle we have to put up with this semster.
  13. by   BabyCatchr
    I'd count that as a social life. "No social life" to me means: commute 4 hours round trip to school, run kids around to band & cheer & back again, help kids w/homework, cook for kids, tell kids 5 times why I need them to do the dishes, tell kids to take a shower, see if kids are actually taking showers, yell at kids for not showering yet, yank kid's computer out of wall, put kids to bed, study, do dishes kids did not do, go to bed.

    Quote from Lennonninja
    Married, no kids here. No real social life except for talking to classmates between classes, and talking to my work friends at work. You couldn't PAY me to go to a bar or a party though, that's never been my scene.

    In my spare time I like to just hang out with my hubby at home, watch tv/movies, and play video games. I love reading, but I'm resigning that to school breaks or I'll get carried away and never stop reading!