Nursing school and weight gain? - page 3

So I've been reading the thread: "What did nursing school do to you?" and I'm getting worried because a common complaint was this 20+ lbs weight gain... What's with that? What would you say is... Read More

  1. by   meish
    I'm going on my fourth year this coming school year. So far, I've LOST weight throughout my entire years of being in nursing school. lol I guess what they meant about "gaining weight" is that more often, nursing students are constantly studying... so studying is greatly associated with eating more food.
  2. by   JenWork
    use the 80/ 20 rule! it's easy! 80% of our body weight is a representation of our diet, and the remaining 20% is training! think about it! Eat healthy and in moderation, and you won't have any weight gain! HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training), is a quick effective way to not only burn calories, but raise your metabolism!