Nursing Level 1 in Spring 2003

  1. Hello Guys and Gals....
    Who is starting Level 1 Spring 2003?
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  3. by   Jennerizer
    I'm starting.....January 6th to be exact. I have orientation next Monday!

  4. by   Alie
    I start Jan. 13
  5. by   Alie
    I start Jan 13!!
  6. by   Robin61970
    Start January 9th!
  7. by   memphisgurl
    start Jan. 15, 2003
  8. by   nynurse2b
    Orientation on January 16th and 17th and First day of classes the 21st.
  9. by   luluann
    January 9th here!!!
  10. by   maire
    Orientation is January 15th, first day of class is January 21st! I can't wait!
  11. by   NurseWeasel
    Orientation Dec 12, Classes Start Jan 13!!! Can NOT wait!
  12. by   Jenn_RN
    Orientation January 2, classes start January 6. I am so excited!!
  13. by   javamom
    January 13th for me too! I have orientation on Dec. 20th! Yeah!
  14. by   Gator,SN
    GOOD LUCK to all of you who will be starting classes! I wish all of you the best! I start next semester too on the birthday! I am taking that as a good sign! This will be my last semester!

    Get ready for the best journey of your life! As hard as it will be at times, enjoy it if you can because it even though the road is long, it will be sooooo worth it when you are finished!

    Hugs to all!