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  1. Could someone refer me to a good book or website that will help with the diagnosis and/or assessments using the 7 needs area such as safety, psychosocial, mobility/activity etc...I am in the lpn program, so far I have done well, but now in clinicals I am having a hard time putting together my diagnosis and the assessments using the 7 need areas..There are a lot of books on the subject, but without being able to veiw them first hand I dont know if its something I could use or not..any info. would be really appreciated, thanks so much.
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    There is a nursing diagnosis reference desk, has anyone tried these?
    they are made by spring net and the title is
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    I use my 2006 "Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, A guide to planning Care," (7th edition)Ackley B & Ladwig, G , Mosby/Elsevier ; like a bible for care plans & concept maps. ISB=0323036643
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    i'm listing three sites that you should try looking at. the first and second sites are going to take you into information on a lot of diseases. use these resources to list the signs and symptoms of specific diseases you are careplanning for. you then need to determine a list of nursing actions you want to do for the various symptoms. next, you are going to breakdown and classify each of your nursing actions into one of the 7 needs areas your instructors have said to use. some nursing actions will take on dual needs (such as being both for the patient's safety as well as for mobility). you may not be able to find nursing actions that will hit upon all 7 needs for some diseases, particularly when you are addressing psychiatric problems. talk with your instructor as to how they want you to handle situations like that.

    the third link is to the simplest care plan generator i have seen so far. it lists about 50 different conditions. when you click on one of the diseases or conditions, a care plan will come on screen that will guide you as to how to write the nursing diagnosis, outcomes, and there will be a list of nursing interventions for you to pick and chose from for that particular disease or condition. have fun! write back if you need more help constructing your care plans. -- a very extensive online library of hundreds and hundreds of diseases, conditions, injuries, nutrition, poisons, surgeries, symptoms and tests. this is a great site for information. -- virtual hospital. lots of links to information including online patient pamphlets and information -- a simple care plan generator to help write the diagnosis and outcome statements and with some interventions. also has a blank form you can copy.
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    Thank You so much, this really helps!!