Nursing and the internet

  1. I have a research paper to write on about how the internet benefits nurses in the clinical setting. Any ideas?? Please help!
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  3. by   missionnurse
    You could research how many of the peer reviewed nursing journals are now accessible on the internet. These articles are SOOOO helpful in clinical practice!

    Hope it helps!
  4. by   javamom
    I found this site and it has engulfed me! Try looking into this site and get ideas on how it can help with nursing. I start my 1st semester in January and will definately be utilizing this site!

    From an UNexperienced nursing student (to be), I would say that the you can use the internet in regards to a clinical setting to:
    allow investigation on diseases, meds, etc..
    that you may come across in clinicals and want to learn more about. More information is available for some things on the net than a drug book or medical dictionary.

    That's all I can think of right now, but I can keep poking at my brain :chuckle
  5. by   LuvaNurse04
    Thanks so much for posting this link. I had its former website on my favorites list and then all of a sudden, it couldn't be found anymore. What a pleasant surprise when I clicked on the link and once again found one of my favorite websites!
  6. by   Mr. L

    Here are a few sites:

    Sites for students

    SN: Student Nurse: A website and monthly magazine for student nurses

    All Nursing Schools - Find a School


    All Nursing Schools - Common Questions and Answers

    Student Nurse Resource Page

    The Student Nurse Forum

    And here are a few more,
    Care Plan resource from Indiana University
    Links to Nursing Care Plans and Case Studies

    Problem Statements - Alphabetical Listing

    Introduction to Care Plan Writing
    This page is designed to be a general introduction to writing a nursing care plan (NCP) for students preparing for the CPNE. I realize many students pursuing their nursing degrees through Regents are not nurses and are not familiar with careplan writing. This is designed to be a very basic introduction to help assist these students. This page will give you the "main ideas" behind NCPs and NDx (nursing diagnoses) and to provide an orientation to using the recommended handbook for use at the CPNE.

    Links to Nurses Care Plans and Case Studies
    Lots of links here for resources, care plans and other material. Great site!

    Maternal/Newborn Plans of Care: Guidelines for Individualizing Care by Marilynn E. Doenges, Mary Frances Moorhouse
    Book is highly recommended. May want to read about it and check other places to purchase book

    Nurses In Training-Care Plans
    Wonderful site listing links for care plans by disease or problems. Great info here!

    RN Central- Care Plans
    Are you a student in need of some ideas for your care plans? Are you required to use standardized care plans at work and need some ideas? If you answered yes then this is the place for you! These are only suggested, pre-defined care plans. You may copy, save, print and modify them in any way you wish.

    Resource for Assorted Care Plans
    Lots of links here for resources, care plans and other material. Great site!

    If you need more let me know............
    have fun...
  7. by   LuvaNurse04
    Thank you, Larry, for all of the links. I'll definitely put them to good use!
  8. by   Robin61970
    Larry we love are our new best friend !! Seriously, thanks so much for those links...they will really help us out.....
  9. by   Albstudent
    Thanks to all who posted these links. I am finding them very helpful!
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    Wow, how sweet, thanks everyone
  11. by   Mr. L
    Does anyone need anymore Nursing sites?
  12. by   Sleepyeyes
    Originally posted by Albstudent
    I have a research paper to write on about how the internet benefits nurses in the clinical setting. Any ideas?? Please help!
    I like being able to come here and share clinical tips and finding out new info. For instance, first time I heard about diluting phenergan in 9 cc of NS, and separate from the demerol, was here. I was in a non-hospital setting at the time and probably wouldn't have known about this administration method for a few months had someone not shared info here on this BB.