1. hello i am a student nurse and i will be graduating soon, but today i had the worst day of clinicals i could of ever had. My pt kept me very busy and if something could of gone wrong it did. I started out d/c her NG and tha was easy, then i had to ge specimns from her foley then i had to change her foley from a 16 to a 18 and that of course did not go smoothly. I took her foley out and then put in her new bigger one and she scremed the whole time and she could not tolerate it so i took it out and put in a 16 yes the same size she had in originally. Then i ha to draw blood and that did not go smoothly either i have drawn blood one other time so i had to stick her two times not to mention the doctors were in there watching me too. A little nerve wracking. then my pt accidently pulled out her IV so i had to start a new one and i could not get it so my teacher had to. then i still had to chat her assessment and my instructor wanted everyone to be done by 1000 am and we got on the floor at 0800. well i did not gt done until 1115 and i just feel like i did everything wrong. do i want to be a nurse i really wanted to go in to L& D, but now i just don't know. thanks for listening who ever read this long message thanks,
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    Some days, everything goes right, and some days, absolutely nothing goes right. It's happened to all of us who have been in clinicals very long. It will happen when are are a "real" nurse too. Some days are just going to be terrible. The best thing is that you always get to start again the next day. Might even be that you have the same patient, but the next day could be wonderful, no matter how bad it started out. Keep your chin up! You havent had that much experience with IVs, and blood draws yet. Some Nurses who have worked for years still have problems with veins now and again. Doesnt mean that you wont be great If L&D is your passion, follow it, work for it, and let the bad days roll off the best that they can. Each day brings new experiences, and new surprises. And with everyone watching you, it just makes you more nervous, and less able to perform at your peak. I hope your next day goes much better. Keep a good attitude, and everything will work itself out in the end

    Good Luck!
  4. by   Genista
    Hi gabby20-
    I know just how that feels (and so does any nurse who has worked for any length of time). Some days are just a constant uphill battle! I have had days where nothing went right- ie, meds missing, am labs not drawn, pts confused, IV & Foleys pulled out, MDs not returning pages, call lights going off 5 seconds after you leave the room, family members phoning for updates 8x/shift, 1,001 new orders by 4 different docs on each patient,etc. Welcome to nursing! LOL!

    Keep in mind, there will be good days, too. Try to take the bad days in stride. Ask for help if you are "drowning." Likewise, offer help to your fellow nurse (or student nurse) if they seem to need your help. Especially help your hardworking CNAs- ask if they need a hand, too! It's a team effort! Always remember, you can only do as much as you can do. Do your best, then go home. Learn from your mistakes. Nursing is a 24 hr job. We can't get it all done in one shift. It sounds to me like you gave a valiant effort! :-)
  5. by   GPatty
    Just hang in there and don't let it get you down. We all have our bad days and it sounds like you are well on your way to becoming a great nurse! Those Doctors who were watching you were also students at one time, too. I'm sure no one looks down on you! Keep pushing forward! You will get there!
  6. by   gabby20
    thank you guys i feel a little bit better now about my terrible day. I just have to learn from my bad days and look on to the future and hope fro much better day.
    thanks alot!!!
  7. by   semstr
    It's probably the weather today!
    I had a bad, bad day too at work and at home..... well my 13 year old daughter doesn't like me either today!

    Think positive!