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  1. gabby20

    All stressed out, Does it get better?

    hi nurse2b, I remember feeling that exact way and it will get better, but you just can't expect to get straight A's in nursing school it is too hard even if you put in hours of studying. Listen to your husband he is right you are putting too much pressure on yourself. you will be a good nurse if you get C's, B's or A's okay so try to relax and be happy with C's they are not that bad okay.!!!!!!
  2. gabby20


    i need to know if this is normal or not? has anyone ever heard of arthritis in the right shoulder area the size of a golf ball, it's as hard as a bone and it hurts all the time. This sticks out of her skin on her right shoulder or just a little below it. Please let me know what anyone thinks this could be any suggestions????? thank you
  3. gabby20


    hi this message is mainly for MRed94 or Brandy you guys responded to my micro message and i would love to see what you guys have please email what you have or let me know some other way. i have been trying to work on this all day and i am so confused. my email is lezley20@earthlink.com thank you so much
  4. gabby20

    Micro ??

    thanks brandy and MRed94 I emailed both of you with my email address thanks so much for your help I'm really excited to take a look at what you have. thanks
  5. gabby20

    Micro ??

    hi everyone i was wondering if anybody knows anything about microbiology and having to do an unknown. We are doing this in class and we have to write out a flowchart based on if your gram stain is neg or positive and then you have to go thru different steps to find out which "bug" it is. I don't understand how to do a flowchart if anyone has any advice or examples please help thank you so much
  6. gabby20


    hello everyone I just got out of class this afternon and I have to decide where to do my preceptorship at. I can't decide which hospital i want to go to or what type of floor. Does anybody have any suggestions or please tell me where any of you have capstoned ( last nursing class). thanks
  7. gabby20


    thank you guys i feel a little bit better now about my terrible day. I just have to learn from my bad days and look on to the future and hope fro much better day. thanks alot!!!
  8. gabby20


    thank you all for helping me i understand alot more about it now and i looked up a lot about it in my med-surg book thanks again you guys area great help!!
  9. gabby20


    hi thanksfor responding so fastly. i little more info is shehas been havins numbness and tingling in her extremities for a while and they thought it might be due to her blood sugar b/c her blood sugar kept going low and her diet is very good so the doc took her off all her diabetes medicine? she went to see diabetes dietician and that doc told her she wanted to check her carotids?
  10. gabby20


    does anyone know why a doctor would want to check your carotid ateries? what are they checking for if the pt has diabetes? can anyone help me? thanks
  11. gabby20

    Career Confusion

    hello i'm so glad to read all these posts i agree with everyone else i want to go in either L&D or OR but thten people keep telling me to go to a med-surg floor to get some expereince well i don't want to go to a med-surg floor. i am thinking about working as a tech in either OR, but i'm not sure if the OR hires techs or just srcub tech. well glad to see there's more nursing students out there like me unsure of what to do
  12. hello everyone i was wondering about working in the OR as a tech i will be graduating in March and i want to start working in the hospital and I can't decide if i want to go to OR or L&D, but i would like to start working as tech so i can get to know the floor and not come out brand new as a RN could you tell me what i would be responsible for? thanks for your help:rolleyes:
  13. gabby20

    working as tech on dialysis?

    hi I was wondering what exactly does a tech do on the dialysis floor? I got an offer to work there on on a med-surg and i don't really want to work on med-srg so could anyone tell me what i would be responsible for? thank you
  14. gabby20


    hello i am a student nurse and i will be graduating soon, but today i had the worst day of clinicals i could of ever had. My pt kept me very busy and if something could of gone wrong it did. I started out d/c her NG and tha was easy, then i had to ge specimns from her foley then i had to change her foley from a 16 to a 18 and that of course did not go smoothly. I took her foley out and then put in her new bigger one and she scremed the whole time and she could not tolerate it so i took it out and put in a 16 yes the same size she had in originally. Then i ha to draw blood and that did not go smoothly either i have drawn blood one other time so i had to stick her two times not to mention the doctors were in there watching me too. A little nerve wracking. then my pt accidently pulled out her IV so i had to start a new one and i could not get it so my teacher had to. then i still had to chat her assessment and my instructor wanted everyone to be done by 1000 am and we got on the floor at 0800. well i did not gt done until 1115 and i just feel like i did everything wrong. do i want to be a nurse i really wanted to go in to L& D, but now i just don't know. thanks for listening who ever read this long message thanks,
  15. gabby20

    state boards help

    hi i was wondering others opionins on how to study for th test. should i goto kaplan or just study my nclex book and cd-rom i heard that kapaln has a great review book that covers the important items. how could i get that please let me know what you think. congratualtions to everyone who took and passed the test your so lucky!!!!
  16. gabby20

    Stressed over the NCLEX-RN

    hi i m wondering what i should do to prepare for teh state board test should i take a course like kaplan or just study questions? i've heard good and bad things what did you study? congratualtions on passing. thanks :)