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  1. I would like to put this question out to everyone while I have a bit of discreetness posting this on a bb instead of asking it to one's face. I am as many others in this country overweight.. I am not going to disclose how much..but that is not the point. I am taking CNA classes, preparing to take LPN classes. I guess I had not thought as much of someone discriminating against me until a fellow classmate whom is also on the fluffy side brought it up. I know in this cruel world that it does happen, but I would like to hear from more of you who may be overweight. Have you ever been talked down to or discriminated against? I have done so well in my prerequisites as far as grades go, but now I have this to worry about. Please help if you can.
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  3. by   renerian
    I used to be overweight and let me tell you the stuff I heard come out of peoples mouths hurt my feelings most of the time. I am a vegetarian now and have seen the weight melt off even further.

    Try to ignore people that are thoughtless and cruel.. full steam ahead.........

  4. by   farmmom
    I am about forty pounds over weight and get asked if I am pregnant alot,but just laugh and say no just fat.I hope that you don't let bad comments effect how you do in school.I would go about my life and ignore the ones who are doing this
  5. by   Mkue
    Some of the nicest ppl I know are overweight, they are funny, interesting, good students and nurses.
  6. by   Robin61970
    Some people just have no tact......or give a crap about anothers feelings at all. Ask yourself these questions.....

    1. Will being overweight keep you from being a good nurse and giving all to your patients?

    NO!! In fact it may help you to be more sensitive to some of them....

    2. Will you be a different person inside skinny or now....... will be who you are........

    I can think of more I am sure, but I have got to take the kids to school and go myself......People who make comments such as this usually have an area in their life in which they are lacking and try to make others feel badly the way that they do.......don't let her affect you......
  7. by   2amigos
    I hope this works, I did a search for this thread and will post it. If it doesn't come through, I'll bump the original post up.
  8. by   RNIAM
    I am as large as they come I guess. I have had insensitve remarks made to me.I really don't mind when it's a patient, to me it's an opportunity to educate. What bothers me is the rude remarks made by other nursing students. It's completly ridiculous. I am not talking about the young students either, it's the older ones that should know better. What are we teaching our young? That to be different is unacceptable? that we should laugh at those that may not be "normal" Who decided what is normal anyways? I am tired of the perfect people in this world mouthing off about all of us imperfect people.I will be an excellent nurse, and to those that think otherwise I got an outstanding evaluation on my clinical today! I am an A student in my nursing class. I can bend,flex and contort my body just as well as alot of skinny folks. I am able to move my big butt and I am always willing and able to help others out. Example I was finished early and then went on to make 3 of my fellow nursing students beds while they finished up with their patients. You will be an awesome nurse! Go for it and never, ever let anyone tell you different.
  9. by   SimplyMe
    Thank all of you for your replies. Of course I had thought about my weight before entering the program how could you not. But I was just so confident and feeling so good about myself until this other student brought the subject up. Oh but as those famous words go "I will survive", because this has been my dream since I was a little girl!
  10. by   dstudent
    Hey don't you worry cause it's big mamma here and I aint exaggerating I find alot of things hard let alone what others have to say but I don't let it bother me even though I really would love to lose the excess baggage,
  11. by   colleen10
    Hi Simply,

    Quite an interesting question you have posted. I have been normal weight, over weight, under weight, you name a size and I have probably worn it!

    I just wanted to say that you, and I, and everyone else in the world, will probably always be discriminated at some point in time through out our life spans. Whether you are discriminated because you are over weight, under weight, a man, a woman, your skin color, your age, etc. It happens. And it's sad that it happens but you are not alone. Always try to keep an open mind and if someone does discriminate against you try to educate them and prove them wrong. If you can't educate them and open up their minds take solace in knowing that you tried and that it's their loss, not yours. Being overweight is not going to make you a worse nurse. Like another poster said, it may make you an even more compassionate one.

    I haven't had too many rude things said to my face while I was over weight but I did have a few things said to me when I was underweight. People just assumed that because I was skinny I was anorexic and a nut case. I have been discriminated at work because I am a young married woman and it is just assumed that I will get pregnant and quit so what's the point in teaching me how to do my job if I will just leave.

    Having worked in Human Resources I have seen all kinds of workplace discrimination.

    My grandfather always used to say "There will always be someone smarter, faster, prettier than you, that likes your or doesn't like you, but you know who you are and if you try to be the best you possible, that's all that counts."

  12. by   SimplyMe
    you'll never guess what happened!!
    okay maybe some of you will, in our cna class last time we were going to lab. now was the time to be matched up into lab partners, and who was the first to be paired together but the two chubby girls. haha, right. well it kinda made me feel better but then it made me kinda mad. then we went to lab, we practiced tying restraints, i did great, i learned to tie the knot the first time and so did my partner, we did the heimlich with no probs and proceeded on to wash our hands with no glitches, (duh)!! anyhoo, she then tells us we will be going in by partner to be checked off, and then boom we are hit with the fat thoughts again because the posey vest wouldn't fit on my big toe let alone around either one of us so instead of worrying about procedure i am soing to be embarrassed to death if she has to pull anothe girl because the posey vest won't fit. oh well if you can tell i am venting so if there is grammatical errors i am truly sorry because i made an a in eng.

    thanks for listening!!
  13. by   GPatty
    Hey~ you obviously have alot to offer someone, so don't be so down on yourself. It's not worth it. Not to your self esteem, or to others who think they are trying to give advice and be helpful.
    God made us all different (how boring if we were all the same!), with different thoughts, minds, souls, AND bodies. Love the body He gave you.
    I often get asked by patients if I am pregnant or not. Do I get offended? No. Because #1~ I know I'm bigger in that area than most gals. #2~ My husband loves me EXACTLY the way I am, and #3~ I'm a damn good nurse whether I weigh 100 pounds or 300 pounds.
    You be the very best you can be and don't let them or anyone else get under your skin.
    Hang in are gonna be a great nurse!

  14. by   2amigos
    Awesome answers! Thanks to everyone that make an impact on more people than you may realize. Everyone, be kind to yourselves and have a wonderful week.
    Cheryl Moore