Not NLNAC Accredited school cause problems later?? - page 2

I am looking to go to a private college called Career Training Solutions here in Fredericksburg, VA for either their LPN or new RN program. However they are only accredited by the VA state board of... Read More

  1. by   cally527
    I think it would depend on several factors, most important would be 1) Where you want to move if you leave VA. 2) Would want to pursue an advanced degree?
    I live in MA and about 70-85% of all RN posting I have seen state you need to have graduated from a NLN Accredited Program. If you ever want to pursue an advanced degree, your classes might not be accepted at other schools.
  2. by   KristeyK
    My school is going through the process of getting NLN accreditation. That being said, I am moving out of state next Saturday, the day after we are finished with our NCLEX review course. I have an interview set up in the city I will be living in. I am also going to be enrolling into a RN-BSN program once I have my license. I am also taking my NCLEX exam in Texas, and I am graduating in Arizona. It shouldn't be an issue, as a lot of schools don't go for this.