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I received my schedule in May and I noticed that I had no pre req classes or core curriculum classes (except english), just strict nursing classes? I also talked to some other students who are in... Read More

  1. by   RedSox33RN
    Quote from xomandalized
    Yea, but that's not true either.
    I still have the same amount of credits, just EXTRA ones.
    I dont have to take Western Civ, no one does.
    We have to take 72 credits, and I already have 18 when I finish this year.
    18 X 4 = 72, so i'll have the 72.
    I'm not talking about Western Civ specifically, because that is required for OUR BSN program. I was speaking generically, that although she had 3 credits in one of the histories, it wasn't one that was required.

    I'm saying that the EXTRA credits you have may not APPLY toward a nursing degree. That's all.
  2. by   xomandalized
    Oh ok, I guess I'm lucky that we don't have any kind of history class to take.
    The extra credits do apply, I made sure I checked. No reason for me to take classes if they don't count towards my degree. I'm in an AAS program though, not a BSN. Maybe that's why?
  3. by   cardiacRN2006
    So, you're straight our of high school, and you are starting A&P along with clinicals at the same time? No BIO for health, chem, math?????

    Our director always told us this about our classes/pre-reqs. She said, "we are busy, and overworked. If you slid in without getting all your required classes, we will find out about it eventually. You won't graduate. "

    It's your responsibility to verify that you are getting the classes necessary to graduate. Having a certain amount of credits isn't enough. Make sure they are the right credits.
  4. by   xomandalized
    Yea, straight out of high school, taking A&P and clinical. But A&P is a bio class, is it not? I took Biology, Chemistry, and 4 years of math in high school.
    I didn't slide in though, I had all the required classes to be accepted into the program. I guess maybe I just fufilled what I needed in high school. I did verify, and these are the classes needed in the first semester in order to graduate.
  5. by   cardiacRN2006
    I didn't mean to imply that you slid in. I meant, that there were people in my program who didn't have all the pre-reqs, and nobody noticed until later. Of course, they weren't allowed to proceed with the program once they found out.

    Back in the day, most nurses went straight into nursing school from high school. As long as you are taught the same info, then I see no problem with it. Good Luck an congrats for knowing what you want to do at such a young age!
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    Oh, so you do have the pre-reqs? I'm so confused, lol!
  7. by   AZmom
    I'd suggest you do a little investigative work on your program. Program/Degree requirements aren't usually kept secret. Go to your school's website and/or review your coursebook. See if what you're enrolled in, what you tested out of makes sense.

    I think people should do that anyway. NEVER trust that your advisor won't advise you incorrectly. I don't know that it happens a lot, but it does happen. It's best to keep on top of this stuff yourself too.
  8. by   Nurseismade RN
    Quote from xomandalized
    Oh ok, I guess I'm lucky that we don't have any kind of history class to take.
    The extra credits do apply, I made sure I checked. No reason for me to take classes if they don't count towards my degree. I'm in an AAS program though, not a BSN. Maybe that's why?
    Hi there,

    I was somewhat confused also, but after some thought and reading your replies, I think you probably tested out on the required classes. Being fresh out of high school, you most likely took a test or tests and passed with flying colors

    they allow that in my school for all sciences and math, it's just that most people fail and if you do pass, no credits will be applied to those courses.

    You sound very smart for your age, I have a 14 year old, I hope she is as focused as you when she's your age.

    all the best
  9. by   xomandalized
    Thank you, I take that as a compliment.
    I didn't score VERY high, but I took over 10 state tests.
    3 sciences, 2 maths, a language, 3 histories.
    Some of those grades were very high.

    I will be asking my advisors these questions, and all of your replies have helped me to gauge what I need to ask and helped me to figure out new questions that I need answered.
  10. by   xomandalized
    This is what a student needs to enter the nursing program:

    • High school graduation or equivalent, with an unweighted high school average of at least 78% or GED score of 275 or better.
    • Living environment and Mathematics A with a minimum grade of 75 on Regents.
    • High school chemistry is strongly recommended.
    • An on-campus interview is recommended.
    • Each student must submit to the College Health Center a current immunization record (including Hepatitis B vaccine), the results of a physical examination and the results of required lab testing.
    • Professional Rescuer Certification in CPR (American Red Cross or American Heart Association Course C). Click here for health and CPR requirements.
  11. by   bethg5
    From reading your post I think you have answered your question yourself. The other students didn't either score high enough on state tests, didn't have high enough high school grades in required courses, or graduated from high school many years ago and need to retake required prereqs. At our school I had to take bio, chem, and math because it had been over 10 years since I had taken them and I wasn't happy with my high school grades. Friends of mine that did well in high school didn't have to take the prereq's and neither did recent graduates who did well in high school. Most of my classmates took A&P while I was in Bio. Now I am taking A&P in the nursing program while they don't have too.
  12. by   xomandalized
    Alright, thank you!