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  1. I am taking my pre-reqs now for nursing and I am going to be wanting to get into the nursing program in Spring '08. I need to take the NLN exam. How hard is it? I am already a surgical technologist.
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  3. by   graceland
    Glad you asked, I would like to know about this exam as well. If anyone knows of a website or how to "prepare" for this exam please let us know!
  4. by   graceland
    this is helpful (NLN website)
  5. by   Dabuggy
    I have to take the NLN for each class I take. I find it to be along the same line as the NCLEX.

  6. by   harrisrn2b
    Well, I am glad someone is asking about the test. I thought it would be like the net but the nln test on science as well. I am ordering the study guide but I am really afraid
  7. by   carilyn
    I took it in June. I used the study guide, only had 2 weeks to study. There is Chemistry and Physics in the study guide but only a few basic questions on the test. The test had reading comprehension, vocab, basic science, basic math and algebra. There were alot more questions on the test than it said in the study guide I think it said 60 reading and vocab, 60 science and 40 math. Actually there were 80 reading and vocab, 80 science and 55 or 60 math. Still only 1 hour per section. I only finished 40 math questions and thought I might have missed 2 or three of those, but I only got 18 math questions correct and still passed. I scored high in reading and vocab and ok in science. It seemed really hard and after the test I was looking at Plan B for what to do if I didn't pass. I took the test on Thursday and got the results by mail on Tuesday, which I thought was really quick. I started nursing school on Aug 20. If you have more questions I would be glad to answer if I can. Good luck!
  8. by   harrisrn2b
    Thankssssss so much for the info. You have helped me a lot. I am applying in March for the spring 08. I need to do really good on the test b/c my gpa is not that good. Were you accepted b/f you rec. the results and was this your first time you applied to nursing school. Also on more question. Which school are going to? What is the req GPA there?

    See ya
    Oh that was two more lol thanks
  9. by   carilyn
    I was accepted before the test based on my gpa on the condition that I passed the test with a 96 I got a 120. There were also other conditions that I had to meet after I passed, such as a favorable background check, physical, etc. This was my first time applying to nursing school. I was lucky because I just decided to look into nursing school in March because I wasn't working. I got accepted right away we have over 60 in our class. I go to West Virginia Northern Community College, I'm not sure of the GPA requirement but most people I talk to had a good GPA before starting and after last week we are all praying for a C's LOL. We had our first test in several classes and need an 80% to pass.
  10. by   LMRN10
    First off, every school is different in their acceptance rules, so you should check with your school to find out how they determine who they accept.

    I have actually taken this test several times. Yes, there are 80 questions in both the Vocab & Science sections (but only 60 actually go toward your score) and there are 54 questions on the Math portion (only 40 go towards your score). It sounds like the pp needed a composite score of 96 (not percentage) and she was already accepted if she got at least that. My school on the other hand, your acceptance is pretty much determined by this test. You do have to have a GPA of at least 2.5, but as long as you have at least that, they don't use it to determine who gets in. You have to get at least in the mid 80's (percentage) to even have a chance. I had an 85% (composite score of 124) and while I may have gotten in with that, it was too close for comfort, so I took it again and ended up getting a 92% (composite score of 133). I only got a 61% in the vocab section, but did very well in the Math and Science, so that brought my score up!

    On that note, I will not know until late October/early November whether or not I am accepted to the program for the Spring. Some schools let you know way ahead of time, but others don't.

    You will have one hour to complete each section on the test. The best way to study for this is using the NLN Pre-Entrance Exam Study Guide (which you can do a search for online through google - it is available through Ebay/Amazon/etc...).

    This study guide, in my opinion, is the only way to study...don't waste your money on other study guides because those have way more information than what you will need to know for this test, or just incorrect information.

    But definitely get the NLN study guide and study it over and over - it is closest to what the real test will be. But really, at least try to remember the stuff in the Math and Science over the vocab section and try to do what it says...I think you either know it or you don't as far as the vocab goes.

    GOOD LUCK!!! Hope that helped!