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As a mother of three, money is not abundant. Therefore, can anyone please give me an idea as to the type of supplies I will need so I can get them a little at a time until school starts (or try to... Read More

  1. by   manna
    I've heard it said - to stock up on printer paper and ink as well!
  2. by   nursingblahblah
    I just bought my steth, Bp cuff (with bag), name tag and a hip clip (b/c i heard that spragues are heavy and now i know they are) for 51 bucks on ebay
  3. by   YoungWiseWoman
    I am so happy to have found this thread! I thought I was the only one who was obsessed about being organized when it comes to notes and supplies...I will be stocking up on 3 ring binders and printer paper ASAP!
  4. by   MSN_Ed
    Don't complain about poor grades if you don't buy the required books. Yellow highlighter is the best, no need for more colors. Tape recorder bandage scissors, penlight, hemostats may be nice, but certainly not required. Stethoscope, paper, pens, dedication, organization and strong support system are critical.
  5. by   abundantjoy07
    When I saw the username on this thread...I was like I know you started nursing school eons ago! What the heck are you asking a question like this for. LOL...Talk about old thread deja vu!

  6. by   momx4
    Not sure if this was said yet but I would contact school before u bought anything. My program required us to buy our assessment kit from them. $120 later, my penlight is broken, had to replace and my BP cuff is broken. So needless to say it was junk. I had a patient once that had a systolic murmur but I couldnt hear it from my stethoscope. My instructor switched with me and said no wonder u can't hear it, listen out of mine. Hers was so much clearer. Ok over my soap box...sorry
  7. by   MB37
    Do you have a membership to Sam's club or anywhere similar? DH does, and a lot of office/school supplies are significantly cheaper there. If not, still buy multi-packs of everything in that category. Highliters, pens, paper, notebooks, etc. will not go bad, and chances are you'll use it all. Plus, your kids can if you do have extra.
  8. by   The Bell Jar
    The OP started this thread in 2004