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I found this board a few weeks ago and haven't been able to go to any other websites since then. I'm starting the Nursing Program in the Fall and hope to become a Nurse-Midwife and eventually get my... Read More

  1. by   marilynmom
    I know here where I live (Oklahoma City) those positions pay about $8-9 an hour. You can get a nice 3 bedroom house here for an average of $80K, a lot of nice ones are around $70K as well. Starting pay for RNs here is, on average, $15.50 an hour. I think gas right now is running $1.50 a gallon

    Anyways, congrats on your job! Sounds wonderful!

  2. by   memphispanda
    Geeesh...I guess you probably wouldn't want to know that I make $12.25 day shift for being a Nurse Extern then...with additional $2/hour for evening/night and additional $2/hour for weekends.
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
  4. by   SC RN

    That's great pay ... must be a large hospital I'm guessing? Sure wish other hospitals paid like that! There is a differential for nights ... but I'm not a night person in the slightest so I declined. Fortunately, the money doesn't matter much as I've got another job that pays well and my hubby takes care of everything else!

    Have I told you all how excited I am???? I've walked around with a smile on my face for days now ... makes me laugh that I'm so happy to get a job that pays so little! I guess when you get where you want to be ... you just don't care anymore!
  5. by   memphispanda
    SC--it's a large system, but a small hospital. It's great--I don't have a lot that I can actually DO, but I get to see a lot. I just started my job too.

    Congrats on your new position!
  6. by   webbiedebbie
    What a perfect opportunity for you! I would definitely check with HR to see what bennies you could get to help you through nursing school.

    I worked L&D and postpartum as a unit secretary before I went to nursing school. When I graduated, I was offered a position in L&D as a new grad!

    Good luck and keep us posted. I look forward to seeing you more on the BB.