New grad salaries - what is it in your area?

  1. Hey everyone,

    For those of us getting ready to graduate this May, I'm sure the job hunt has started already!

    Out of curiosity can you list your new grad (or 0-1 year exp) RN salary and state (or city/state if you feel like it!) Thanks!

    For NJ - $32-37/hour
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  3. by   whywait
    Loma Linda, Ca - $39 + $4 night differential + $4 weekend differential
  4. by   thatgirl2478
    Central IL $25/hr as reported by

    ETA - that's hospital. I believe LTC & other facilites are lower. :/
  5. by   direw0lf
    Thanks! I'm curious about more states? I know the cost of living is expensive up here, but sometimes when I read about the low salaries in southern states I think, is it really that much cheaper to live there, does it even out, and I found that a lot of times payscale or glassdoor can be wrong. For example, in Raleigh NC new grads are paid $23/hour! To me that's insanely low but I never lived in NC before. I was just curious. I know nurses are capped at a certain amount, and I think it's time to push for increasing that cap!
  6. by   Serhilda
    I'm living just outside of Houston, Texas and new grads are started at $26-28.85 for new grad residency programs. There's a +$4 differential for night shift at the hospital I'll be working at too. I feel the pay is fair given the cost of living. For example, we have a 700 sq ft apartment in a nice area and great location for about $900 a month.
  7. by   emmjayy
    My hospital pays new grads $27.29/hr, base pay. Shift differential for nights is +$5/hr. This comes out to $51k-$60k/yr (36 hrs/wk, depending on whether you're night shift or not). Base pay bumps up $1/hr once you get your BSN, and another dollar for every certification you receive. I'm in New York, but it's a city where cost of living is actually kind of low. I pay $800/month for a two bedroom apartment and this includes heat, water, cable, and internet. $50k/year is enough to live comfortably and I'll be able to pay off my $20k of student loans within 18 months. Our benefits are pretty okay (especially health insurance haha) and I feel that it's a great return on my investment in my schooling.
  8. by   Quota
    From what I've heard the hospital I'd like to work at (not quite at the applying stage yet, finish school in August) starts new grads around $26/hr. Shift differentials of $4 for nights/weekend days and $8 for weekend nights. I'm in a high cost of living area so it's kinda low but I should end up taking home more than I was making in my previous career, definitely if I work nights. My goal with my career change was more money, significantly less commuting time, and ability for advancement/mobility in specialty so that should be achieved no problem.