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    Before I mislead you all into thinking this is some guy named Brett I had better explain. My name is actually Michelle. But my husband is Brett. He is actually the nursing student. But, as I am the planner, class coordinator, counselor etc. I hope you all won't mind if I pop in every once in a while to say hello and ask advice of those who have been at it much longer than I!!!! DH and I have both gone back to school. We started last semester. We are both attending summer semester as well since we are non-traditional students and need to get through. I am 32 and Brett is 34. We are married with a twelve year old boy. Brett has been our sole support financialy since we were married. We found out shortly after buying our new home last year that Brett had arthritis in both of his hips and needed to quit is job in construction right away. It has been a big adjustment. But, he had wanted to make a change for a long time. He would like to become a CRNA. We have a long haul in front of us. I'm sure we will have to move as there is only one nursing program here in Las Vegas and the wait list is crazy! We are trying to get all the pre-reqs in for the BSN. The biggest problem of course is the pre-reqs to the pre-reqs! Ugh! Well, I'm sure you all know what I am talking about. Well, that is our story and I hope I didn't bore you all to death. Any advice as to some good BSN programs out there would be great!
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  3. by   subec

    I don't know anything about programs in Las Vegas, but if you need information on programs on the Dallas, Ft. Worth area I could probably help. There is a nurse on here that lives in Las Vegas that could probably help. Her online name is Las Vegas RN.

    Good luck to you. There is some great advice on this BB.
  4. by   TNRN
    After seeing all the opportunities that I had as a recent graduate nurse, my husband (age 29) has decided to change his major from engineering to nursing. He will be attending UT @ Knoxville which is a good school, but is on the other side of the country for you all! I just wanted to say tell Brett he is is definitely not alone in the increasing number of men who are chosing nursing as a 2nd career. So, good luck to the both of you!
  5. by   Nursem2003
    Tell your husband to hang in there and pursue his dream. All the waiting and school will be well worth it in the long run. We nurses are lucky. If we get sick of one area we can easily move on to another. That is also a plus. Hope you both the best of luck!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome! with the support from each other, you will do it!

    keep the faith!
  7. by   NursBoxr
    Hello!! So glad to know someone around my age has the same idea of "School wil never end... " I am 35, finished LPN on wed., and start RN in a few weeks!! My husband hopes I will go on to CRNA also. I am so ready to get back to working-for a paycheck...Not like clinicals-haha :chuckle I count down by months, weeks, tests, or whatever, to see the completion of some phase. Now my husband is saying 10 months...10 months... :kiss It helps to have people in your corner!! I plan on getting back to work as soon as this program is over. I am going to check out the bach. programs on-line. Two of my LPN instructors are working on their master's on-line right now!! Good luck and try to have fun-since you HAVE to do certain things, classes, etc., might as well like it!
  8. by   RKemtRn2b
    School will never end----- with ceu's and certifications, but just getting my RN will be one of the biggest accomplishments in my life. From there the opportunities are endless. Thats why I think we all choose this profession. I too am the middle aged (39) male making the change to nursing. But the light is at the end of the tunnel. Just another year and a half. I just hope my wife and children will keep up the support that is needed to get me finished. I wont be able to do it without thier support. Good Luck to everyone in thier endevour's in nursing.
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    It's very encouraging to hear about the men here that are going back to school. I'm a 40 year old man, and I also have worked construction for many years. I just decided that I wouldn't be able to do this type of work as I got older, so I wanted a career change (really, I just wanted a career!). I been very busy for the past two years, getting mw prerequisites in order, and knocking out A&P I&II. I've also taken my Eng.111, along with a CNA course, and general psych.,etc. I have just been accepted into the ADN program where I live, and I am so thankful and excited! Some of my friends and family kind of gave me some strange looks when I first started this journey. I'm just an ol' construction worker and fisherman, and don't really fit the "mold" of being a nurse. Well people, I'm hear to tell you, I'm for real and I plan on being one of the BEST nurses that's hit this part of the country! I struggled with this idea for a while, but I'm glad that I went forward. I started back to school two years ago, with only a G.E.D. to my credit, and now I'm sitting on a 4.0 average. I may not be able to hold on to this average, but I'm sure I'll try to. Men are competitive that way. Not exactly against others, but to challenge ourselves to see how far we can go. I'm up for the challenge, and I'm sure the other men here are also. If any of you need my help or advice, I'll be glad to help if I can. Take care guys. PEACE. Darby
  10. by   colleen10
    Hi Michelle,

    Congratulations to both you and your husband. I'm sure things will work out fine.

    If you really are serious about moving might I suggest Pittsburgh, PA?

    We have a large number of nursing programs. From Part Time / Adult Education, ADN, BSN, Masters, Fast Track, etc.

    As for BSN we have both Duquesne University and University of Pittsburgh plus a large number of hosptals and medical facilities to work at and study at.

    Plus, we have the second largest elderly population in the nation. We are only behind Palm Beach, Florida. There are numerous places to work at and no waiting lists for most of our schools. And we also have a relatively low cost of living.

    The climate may be quite an adjustment and Pittsburgh isn't the most happen'in town when it comes to night life or finding a job outside of the medical field. But if you are here for Nursing or Medical School you shouldn't have any problems getting into a good school or finding a job.

    I have noticed though that there are lots of advertisements for CNA's and Patient Care Tech's but because many of our health systems are so large it can take quite a while (many many months) to actually get an interview and job.

    Take care and best of luck to you,