Nerves and Burps

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am asking for advice for myself and to see if anyone else has ever had symptoms like this.

    I am a healthy 27 year old woman. A few years ago I was going through a very stressful time. The company I was working for was slowly but surely going under and literally everyday you would walk in and not know if it was going to be your last. During this time I would burp a lot and I got this kind of empty feeling in my stomach 24/7 even after I had eaten. I attributed it all to stress and once I finally did get laid off and the stress was gone the symptoms went away.

    Well, I am entering another slightly stressful phase in my life. Work is kind of cr-ppy and classes and getting accepted into nursing school is making me a little nervous. Now the burps have started again, but not that empty tense feeling in my stomach.

    They aren't big belches or acid like heart burn. I'll just be sitting there and all of a sudden feel it come up my throat. It doesn't hurt but it does happen a number of times a day.

    Does anyone have advice in treating this? I imagine that maybe an antacid is in order, but I've literally never taken one before and like I said, I don't have heart burn or anything. I don't know what I should take, or for how long. Seeing as how this is just the beginning of "school stress" I have been working on ways to minimize my stress level.

    If you ever had symptoms like this or know what I should do about please give me your advice.

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  3. by   colleen10
    Sorry, I meant to POst this on the "Misc" thread.

    If you have advice though, I would like to hear it
  4. by   babynursewannab
    Obviously not a doc here, but I have the exact same problem under stress. I, personally, swallow a lot more air when I'm stressed and wasn't even aware of it until it was time for my practicum exam last semester when I caught myself taking giant slurpee-sized gulps of air while waiting my turn.

    I burped away after that was done --- I know. Sooo feminine! :chuckle

    If you are concerned, see your doc. It's the best you can do.

    Good luck.
  5. by   leeca
    l have that problem along with a few others and gets worse with stress.

    l found out that under stress your digestive system doesn't work properly, hence the burping.

    l was put onto digestive enzyemes, which you can get from health shops or chemists, which really helps with the problem.
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    I have similar symptoms, but mine is much worse and I also have pain--not exactly heartburn, but pain nonetheless. I have GERD.

    If antacids help, you may want to see an ENT or gastroenterologist. You can have acid reflux w/out having heartburn or any pain. I would try taking a zantac when you feel like that and see if it helps at all.
  8. by   Saiderap
    I learned a lot from the above posts.

    Here is another question about burping.

    I think if the doctor tells you to "let it out" they are not implying that you should open your mouth and burp loud enough to make everyone around you nauseous.

    This is a junior high thing.

    I have an older co-worker who is in a habit of burping with her mouth wide open. I think it's disgusting. I try to plan my meals when she is not there.

    She was telling someone that her doctor told her "to let them out."

    I always try to burp with my mouth shut and sometimes even cover my mouth. This has never hurt me at all.

    She seems to think it's important to burp with her mouth wide open. Why is this?

    I can't bring myself to ask her.