Need to take Chem before A&P/Micro?

  1. My college recommends that Chem for Allied Health Professionals be completed prior to Microbiology and Physiology, but doesn't require it.

    I need to take Anat/Physio/Micro before I can be placed on the waiting list and taking the Chem course means it will take a year before I can get myself on the waiting list (which is a year long itself, at the moment), meaning it would take 4 years to get an AA in nursing (I've completed all my other GE/Nursing prereqs).

    Did any of you take the three classes above without taking a Chem course first? If any of you did take Chem first, did you find it imperative/highly useful in your A&P/Micro courses?

    Thanks for your help - I've already learned so much from this board!!!
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  3. by   angelac1978
    For my radiology program, we weren't required to have any chemistry, however, we took the same A&P classes as the nursing students. A & P is a tough class, but I made an A in both sections of it and the last time I took chemistry was in high school almost 10 yrs ago!

    I didn't have to take micro so I can't help you there. Good luck whatever you decide! And study hard!

  4. by   lehua
    Regarding your question, I found chem not necessary for the science courses listed above. I took college chem over ten years ago and successfully passed anat/micro/physio recently. Start these meaty couses and get yourself on that wait list!!! Good luck with your studies.
  5. by   Renee' Y-Y
    I believe I took micro & A&P before I took was soooooo long ago. I, however, don't think it be a major issue to postpone the chemistry.
  6. by   SarahCeleste
    I have never had a chemistry class in my life and will graduating with my LVN in May. Somehow, I found a loophole in my high school and was able to still graduate with high honors without chemistry. I felt like I was doing a great, sneaky thing, but now I wish I would have taken it. It's so important in everything from nutrition to a&p. But, my advice is to get a&p/micro out of the way. Those are the two integral classes for basic nursing. I, unfortunately, did not take micro as a pre-rec, but with my full nursing load. I finished with an A, but it made life so much more hectic--bad decision. I, of course, will have to take some chemistry before my RN, which I'm dreading. If you have the time and money, then I'd take it now along with a&p/micro, but you don't want to load yourself down with too much, you want to actually soak in this pertinent knowledge instead of cramming. Good luck with your classes!
  7. by   Sheri257
    I guess, once again, it depends on the instructor. I suppose you could get by without it, but my Micro instructor really emphasized it. One of our tests was just on chemistry.
  8. by   chicoborja
    Taking chem first is only really helpful because it familiarizes you with common elements (H, N, C, etc) found in the body as well as common molecules. It seemed slightly more important with Micro and the Kreb Cycle but it really isnt that big of a deal.
  9. by   paacollins
    I took chemistry about 14 years ago and will take micro in the fall. Chemistry is not a requirement for the micro course I have to take but I remember very little about my chemistry class. If there is any chemistry in the micro course, I'll just find a used chemistry book and do a quick refresher course. I wouldn't delay my entrance into the nursing program just to take chemistry first unless it is required. The fact that it is recommended tells me it would be helpful to take it first but you could probably just grab a chemistry book or find someone who has had chemistry to help you out a bit. Good luck.
  10. by   studentdeb
    I haven't had chemistry for years and completed A&P I&II and now am in Micro. I have not found it too difficult. As the instructor goes over material, you will remember the elements as they use them. I would go with the courses you need to get on the waiting list first and while you are waiting, go back and take the chemistry.

    Good luck!!
  11. by   orrnlori
    I so no reason for chemistry at all with A&P and micro. You'll get some of it with the classes but it's minimal and other than the basic molecules stated above, it should have little bearing on the other classes and no bearing on nursing that I can think of. It's just a way for colleges to make everyone miserable.
  12. by   jenifer
    I was feeling like I should get on the waiting list as soon as possible and forego that which was not required, and I'm glad I asked for your consensus. I will go for it and hope there isn't an entire test devoted to Chem in the Micro class!!

  13. by   wonderbee
    You'll get most of your chem application in A&PI when physiology at the cellular level is studied. It was the first system we studied in my class. I was taking intro to chem at the same time. It was helpful having both at the same time because it was like learning chem from two different perspectives kind of filling in any holes I had in either subject.

    It's nice to start right off the bat with a basic understanding of the material being presented. Sort of sets the tone. But would I have sacrificed an entire year just for that edge? No way. However, I highly discourage taking chem while in the program. It's a required prereq for our program.
  14. by   RedSox33RN
    The programs I have applied to require Chem IF you haven't taken it within 6 years (in HS) or got a C or above when you did take it in HS, no matter when it was. I, by chance, got a C in it 20 years ago in HS, so didn't have to take it.

    I was going to take A&P 1 this semester, but they only had classes during Mon & Wed, when I couldn't take it, so I opted for Human Bio instead. A lot of people take Human Bio as a pre-req to A&P, but it's not required. I'm glad I'm taking it, even though it won't count toward my degree. As I said before, I haven't taken any science course for 20 years, and this had been a great way to get my feet wet again. My prof. said it will give me a good leg up on A&P, especially if I take them consecutively. I really hope to get into A&P 1 this summer, so that should work out well.