Need A Shoulder

  1. Had a bad day and just need someone to listen. Found out today that 18 people in our class out of 24 are being put on probation. For varies reason.. The main reason is you have to pull a 80 average or your out and 18 of us have under a 80 in anatomy and I'm one. I have a 77 ave roughly may be a point or 2 higher. The teacher said it's the student's fault that we are not putting enough time into it. So after tomarrow 1 mess up and your out the door. So we will see what then next few week's will bring. Keep finger's crossed for me.. Will know exactly what my ave is tomarrow.. Talk to everyone soon.. HOpe everyone is haveing a good week..

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  3. by   outbackannie
    I'd say if 18 out of 24 were below 80, it's not the students but the teacher's ineffectiveness.

    Do you have a study buddy? My girlfriend and I studied and quizzed each other nearly every waking moment during nursing school. Ha- we even "borrowed" some bones from the classroom over the weekend to be able to identify every little tuberosity and fissure.

    Our Anatomy class was pretty dull, but we made our study time fun!
  4. by   Dublin37
    Gosh I'm so sorry to hear about your day. Anatomy is sooooooooo hard! I agree with the other gal about finding a pal or group to work with. I came up with a lot of silly sentences to remember things. God Bless! Heather
  5. by   Forevermomof5
    Don't stress out!!!

    I find that if I totally stress myself out that I don't do nearly as well. Just have some sincere confidence in yourself and know that you can do it.

    You just have to realize that time will go quickly and that you can get through this. Keep a positive attitude!
  6. by   giftedRN
    Ahh Angelina,

    Just hang in there. I have been having the time of my life too with my studies but I just have to think positively. I know how you feel, no one likes failure because it is hurting but just relax and you will do fine.

    God will help you through this girl! He is helping me and he will do the same for you.

    Have a wonderful day.

  7. by   angelina28
    Thank's for all the encouragement.. seem's lately I need alot and not handing any out.. YOu guy's are great and don't know what I would do with out ya.. Oh I got a 88 on the muscular test... only labeled 1 muscle wrong and got 4 wrong on the multiple choice but I can't complain at least I passed... Just wanted to say thank's for all the advice

  8. by   outbackannie
    :roll GOOD JOB![SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][
  9. by   outbackannie
    :roll good job![size=3][quote]
  10. by   live4today
    Good job, Tammy! For any future anatomy tests, do the students have access to a lab that has a skeleton, etc.? If so, make it your "forth" love: Your first being yourself, your family, perhaps God if you believe in Him, and your nursing studies (not necessarily in the order that I wrote them). Hang in there! It always gets worse before it gets better!
  11. by   marci3335
    My husband has an expression he uses for bad teachers (by the way he graduated magna cum laud): "If I get a question wrong- shame on me, if 20 people get the question wrong- shame on you!"

    Keep your chin up!
  12. by   Marijke
    Sounds to me that not only the teacher is bad, but the whole program. You can't tell that 18 out of 24 students are so bad that a passing grade under 80 for 1 test is the final yes or no.
    I thought nursing school was there to train (educate) new nurses, not to frighten them out of the profession. You are being treated like high school students, not the new professionals you are supposed to become, with lots of skills, education and compassion.
    Good luck on your test and hang in there, we desperately need you to help us with our workload (there are other nursing schools you know).

  13. by   EMTPTORN
    anatomy is a tough subject..right up there with micro...

    what helped me was making index cards, also there are lots of great ap1 teacher recommended searching for what you needed by doing keyword search on

    my ap2 teacher was a retired doctor who taught from his memory...not a book. the b.i.c. was 90%, but he graded on a very fair curve, so those who TRIED and got >60% usually at least passed with a c......if the %'s for ap1 and ap2 had been pass>80% a large part of both of my classes would have failed....

    you should see the fail rates in my nursing school practicals..(me included---ugh---at least makeups are less stressful)

    maybe your teacher would be open to extra credit?? that many students should band together.....
  14. by   angelina28
    Found out some information.. The teacher I have told the big honch that we were all failing and going on probation for antaomy but what we found out is that over half the class is passing and she just told everyone we were failing. NOw what she is doing is any one she consider's to be excesivelly late or absent she decieded they need to be on probation. We are allowed to miss a total of 64 hr's for the 2 yrs. I have missed a total of 22 most were daughter has been very sick with fever's of 104-105 so have stayed home. ONce I had a court date for a adoption and the last day I missed the INSTURCTOR told me NOT to come in. So now I have to sign a contract with them telling them that I won't miss any more time and I understand that if I do I'm out of the program. Then in class she told everyone that the people at the nursing home were she is and another instructor is are going to be a hell of alot smarter than the one's in the other nursing home. NOw there are 7 of us at the other nursing home and I'm one of them. I'm trying to be strong because I don't want to get kicked out or quite.. I have wanted this since I was about 10yr's old and that's no lie.. But how do I deal with her down right lies to THe director of nursing about the different thing's she's doing and saying. We all got together and compared averages and trust me only about 6 are failing..if that.. I feel like I should say something about what she said about the different groups because it really bother's me but know if I do she will just be rude.. I sign the paper aboaut the attendance even though I didn't want to. She told us we had no choice or we were on. Now she want's this contract and I don't want to sign that but she also told me again I have no choice do it or I'm out... What do I do.. Thank's again for listening to me vent.. Seem's like lately that's all I have done.. THank's for all the support and listening.. and for the advice I have gotten. I hope you guy's don't think I"m a complainer because I'm not I just don't think we are getting a fair deal in this class and don't know what to do about it. She has told us this is the biggest class she has ever had. all her classes have been 10 people tops. and There are 24 of us... Well once again thank's.. will talk to everyone later.