My Last Day as a Student Nurse

  1. today was the day, my last day as a student nurse!!!! i took my awful final today which was full of patho (what???) yeah we weren't prepared for that...but i did well and i cried when i was done. this was a quick 2 years and now on to my bsn although there will be a nice year long break in between. for all of you new students out there, enjoy nursing school, yes you will be stressed beyond belief but you will laugh, cry and make new friends that you could never imagine your lives without.

    enjoy nursing!
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  3. by   Lovelymo79
    CONGRATS!! I start school in July and I'm very much looking forward to it!! I wish you much luck and success in your career!!
  4. by   XYcsccSN

    Best of luck to you on NCLEX.
  5. by   mom35
    You must be excited!! I am proud and happy for you! As for myself, I have recently been accepted into Nursing Program ADN/RN and I am looking forward to the challenge. Good luck on your journey and keep us posted on everything-lots of love-mom35:redpinkhe
  6. by   lilbutterfly1
    Congratz!!! Good luck!! I am also starting nursing school in the fall. I am very excited but scared at the same time!!
  7. by   CrunchyMama're done! Congrats!!