My first pharm test grade went up

  1. I was just looking at my school's site. Many of our classes are web-enhanced where the instructor communicates to us by the web. It's web-Ct maybe some of you heard of it. Well the instructor posted the final grades and decided that because of questions that were not properly worded or conflicting information that was given to add 3 points to everyone's score so instead of me getting 29/40 I ended up with 32/40 which is an 80% and at my school that is a B-. With other class work added in my Pharm grade so far stands at a B. So I still have a chance to build it up to the A that I want to get out of the class. I know I can pull a B out of the class but I would really like an A. For reasons like graduate school.

    Well got to go,

    Take care
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    WTG Peace!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!
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    Good job!!

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    hip hip hurray, you live to see nursing school another day......

    good on you