my first ap exam score...

  1. Hello everyone!!!!! I hope you guys are having a nice evening. My instructor posted the grades today for our first a&p exam. I made an 81. The test was a little bit more difficult than I expected because things were covered on it that I couldn't remember us covering in the lecture notes. But, I truly thank God for allowing me to recieve this grade. I hope everyone is doing well in their classes and continues to do so. Have a nice evening.

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  3. by   darby1
    Amen Sister! I made a 80 on my first A&P test a few years ago, and I was so overwhelmed that I almost cried. I too was praising the Lord for seeing me through! I continued to get better at my study skills, and made an "A" in both A&P 1&2. I'm in my first semester of ADN school, and the Lord has let me get a good start here too. The more I praise Him, the more He does for me. I can truly relate to your message. Keep up the great work Miss Sonia. I'll be praying for you. PEACE. Darby
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  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    when the praises go up, the blessings come down! way to go!
  5. by   MttoRN
    I am eagerly awaiting the results of my first A&P exam. Evidently the class average was 75%. The instructor predicted it would be 80%. I think the first exam with a new instructor is always the hardest because you are not quite sure how the questions will be phrased. Wish me luck!!
  6. by   Zohar
    First lecture exam average was 73. Thank God I got a 93.
    Average for the lab exam was 62. Thank God again, I got a 96. Wife got a 95 on the lab exam. She didn't have to take the lecture, because she's auditing the class (already had Anatomy, Physiology, and Micro for her bachelor's degree, but the lab teacher makes her take the lab exams anyway. She's sharp on the anatomy stuff, though. Her Anatomy professor actually gave essay test for one of the exams, and she got a 97 on it. Most of the class failed )

    Bones and muscles are coming up soon. Hopefully I'll do well on that one. I don't care if it's an A or not, as long as it's higher than a 76. 5 weeks down
  7. by   GPatty
    Yea to all of you for such good grades!
  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    way to go, zohar and wife!
  9. by   FullMoonMadness
    good grades every one,yahoo! I am waiting for the result of my first micro test. I feel pretty good about it. One of the girls in my class said she didn't care as long as she got a C, because C means "C you next semester"!.
  10. by   Beach_RN
    My motto is "C" get degrees! So far I have ben blessed to have a 3.5 average.... However that is going out the window with this AP class... so much material to process! I'm about to short circuit!

    I have a quiz tonight... I don't even know how I'm going to do.. I plan to make up my average with the tests... and EXTRA CREDIT!

    Very stressed!

    Hey FullMoonMadness... your quote "Shine On you Crazy Diamond is that from a song" REason I'm asking my friend from High School Paul Gill was a NY fireman, he was killed on 9/11...Anyhow he always said that to his sister.... they even talked about it at the Memorial, I'm curious.. it was weird for me to see that now....all of sudden...

  11. by   MttoRN
    Well finally got the results of my first A&P exam. I got an 88%. I am thrilled. Basically if I can keep my average around this percentage, my lab grades can bring me up to an A. YAHOO:roll
  12. by   dstudent
    Congratulations Sonia,

    Here in New Zealand we also do a&p exams indeed it would be in a different sense but non the less it was hard work thank god I don't have to repeat that paper.

    All the best for that A
  13. by   luluann
    Congrats to all on the good grades!!

    I missed an "A" on my first lecture test by 1 point. The lab test on tissues was more difficult, I got a C. But I knew that would be a tough one. Now we are doing the integumentary system next so there are no tests in either a/p or micro! YIPPEE!!! still have over 150 pages to read tho...

  14. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by mttorn
    well finally got the results of my first a&p exam. i got an 88%. i am thrilled. basically if i can keep my average around this percentage, my lab grades can bring me up to an a. yahoo:roll