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the Summer. Here are a few thoughts that I had on the subject: a. Nothing, just relax and enjoy the summer since life will get very stressful for her soon enough when he BSN clinicals begin. ... Read More

  1. by   wonderbee
    There's plenty enough to do with getting physical exams, immunizations, drug tests, books, syllabi, uniforms/shoes, stethoscope together with general and nursing supplies.

    I read ahead by using my syllabus as a guide but honestly I don't think it did me much good. The actual lecture and test material didn't comport with the syllabus as much as I would have liked not to mention that it didn't stay in my brain since I didn't apply it.

    Enjoy what's left of the summer and talk nursing with everyone here. I'm sure she's itching to get into it already. The best medicine for that is to participate here on the discussion boards.
  2. by   fnimat1
    If she has access to books that are required I think it's okay to skim through the book or syllabus, relaxing as much as she can now is also a good idea. I had the first of three orientations on July 7th and we were given an orientation packet. We have 2 assignments due back when we go for part 2 & 3 of orientation. We are also required to purchase the syllabus so that we can familiarize ourselves with the curriculum, assignments, organize it all etc.

  3. by   rollingstone
    I'd go to the movies. Better yet, I'd go to a baseball game.
  4. by   LouisianaNurse2006
    Quote from studentnurse74
    So is it true that your gpa will drop like a rock? I only have a 3.0 right now, so I really can't afford for it to drop much lower than that. :uhoh21:
    Don't worry about gpa, just try to really get involved and interested in the subject matter. That always make learning easier.
    I worked really hard to keep my gpa up to get into the nursing program (I also start in August), now I will work hard to pass the nursing tests.
    Don't worry about the big picture, concentrate on the here and now.

    I think looking ahead and introducing yourself to the basics such as drug calculations, nursing process, and the first few chapters of your books, as soon as possible may help during those first few stressful weeks of school.
    I know it would make me feel more organized and on top of things.

    Good Luck.
  5. by   All_Smiles_RN
    I start the nursing program in August. I've decided to take it easy this summer. I'm spending lots of time with my toddler and enjoying every minute of it. I do vists Allnurses often. I'm learning so much from reading the discussions here, probably stuff that can't be taught in a textbook. As far as reading, I've been checking books out from my local library. I've found books with nurse snippet stories, life in the day of a nurse, life in the day of a nursing student, and so on. I have 2 years to worry about the technical aspect of nursing. Why not just enjoy summer? That's just my 2cents worth.