Microbiology fear, and acceptance anxiety

  1. I think this is my first or second post, but I've been reading posts here for a few months. Next monday I start Microbiology, A&p2, and nutrition. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT MICROBIOLOGY IS :roll
    how funny is that. I am taking it as a all day saturday class (ick) A&P doesn't scare me, I got an A last semester. I am also terrified of not getting accepted in any of the programs I applied for. I live In Philly and all the schools I visited were all like " there are alot more people applying than we have spots for" "ALOT" Was anyone else terrified of doing all this work, and having to wait another year? I guess my plan B is to take classes towards my BSN and just go straight for that since it'll be the same amount of time then. I just need to vent. DH is just like " Don't worry" that just doesn't help. I'd love to hear from others in the same position. Isn't the anticipation killing you???
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  3. by   2banurse
    Well, since you took A&P 1, you know that biology is the study of living cells, so microbiology is the study of tiny cells. You'll be learning about bacteria,viruses, fungi, etc. I'm looking forward to that class. From everything I've heard from my college, it's a fun class.

    Regarding acceptance into nursing, I wouldn't worry yet. If you've been doing well you'll get there. Like you, I have a backup plan. I'll go for my LPN and then cross over to the ADN bridge program. This way I'll get some experience before getting into the ADN.

    Good luck! I can start to apply for the ADN on Jan 21st...I've already got the application filled.

  4. by   colleen10
    Hi KatGurl,

    Don't worry about micro just yet. I just had it this past semester and my class wasn't too bad, but I did have a really easy teacher too.

    Since my class was an Intro. class you really just learn a lot of basic stuff. We learned the different categories for Micro. like virus, bacteria, fungi, etc. Spent a lot of time on how these things grow and reproduce, replicate. We really didn't get into diseases and how they are treated, which to me being a nursing student was kind of disapointing. Our labs weren't that hard either. Basically, each lab session we would learn a new type of lab procedure to identify a bacteria. Then, at the end of the semester were were given an "unknown" bacteria and had to do the lab tests we learned so that we could identify it. At my school it seemed that the labs were pretty easy and meant to get students comfortable and experience in a lab setting. If you have had labs in other classes like Bio. or A&P you will probably have no problem.

    I'm in Pittsburgh, not too terribly far from you. I don't think we have many waiting lists for schools here, just because we have a ton of nursing schools, but my advisor did tell me that this year they are not accepting as many people as they have in the past. Don't know why though. She said that they would accept the students that are closest to meeting all the pre-requisites and co-requisites. I submitted my Nursing School Application and "Transfer of Credits" paper work from my first BS before Christmas and am still waiting to hear back. I am quite nervous.

    So, you aren't alone, hang in there and keep the faith.

  5. by   kcsunshyn8
    Where in Philly did you apply? I am right outside the city but looked into many of the schools down there. Good luck I'm taking nutrition and micro as well this semester!
  6. by   katgurl77
    thank you all for the info and the encoragement. I just really needed to vent... i guess micro doesn't sound too bad, I just never knew anyone who has taken it. THats a little daunting ya know...
    kerry, I applied to Northeastern, Abington, Roxborough and community college of Philadlephia. Where are you taking your pre-req's?
  7. by   ashemson
    I am so freaked out about not getting in I could just scream some days! My school accepts 40 nursing students per semester, and 80+ applied last semester. And because I am a returning non trad student, I am struggling with a sucky GPA from 11 years ago. So constantly I feel like I cannot even compete with the "right out of H.S. students". Very frustrating.
    My school a year ago combined A&P1 and A&P2 into one class, and I got a B out of it. This semester I also have micro, and alot of people on this board and at school said they really enjoyed it. So I am trying to not stress over it too much. School starts Monday, and I have already read chapter 1, starting on chapter 2!
  8. by   kcsunshyn8
    I'm actually in the BSN program at Widener University. I have heard great things about Abington but dont really know much about the others. Either way good luck!
  9. by   Jennerizer
    In my micro class.....for the first month or two, we learned more about cells & dna & replication.........I didn't find it too fascinating at all. After that you go into the different types of bacteria & viruses & what diseases they cause & how they attack the cells in the body. You also learn about how your body's immune system fights back. That part I found really interesting.

    Just do what you did for anatomy.....study & take good notes. You'll do fine.
  10. by   katgurl77
    thats exactly what I am dealing with. I got an unbelieveably low g.p.a. from a few years ago, and no amount of work will erase that. Screaming is very healthy, let it out

    Jen and kris, I am originally from Spring Hill Fl. not too too far from you guys. thinking about home these days with all the snow we're getting
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  11. by   TX Guy
    Hey Katgurl!

    If you made an A in AnP1 Im very confident youl do fine Micro.
    Im not looking foreward to Micro as I like Gross anatomy but it will probably be cool learning about how deseases get started Etc.

    You got it, dont worrie

  12. by   BellaTerra2002
    30+ years ago I dropped out of school without doing it properly, which left me with 11 units of F. When I went back to school 20 years ago, I figured out that if I got As in ALL of the rest of my college classes (up to my BA or BS), I STILL would never get above a 3.4.

    I now have one more class before I get an AA in Lib Arts in June and I didn't get As in the rest of my classes (As and Bs, no Cs), and I STILL don't have a 3.0 GPA!

    So last spring, when I decided to go into nursing, I talked with the nursing school counselor. She told me that they don't care what we've done in the past. What they want to see is how we've done in our classes in the past couple of years and what we've done in our pre-reqs. I hope she is not BSing. And I hope this helps you.

    Go for it! If you want to be a nurse, there will be a way for you to do it!
  13. by   mona b RN
    I don't know why, but, I thought gpa's from previous schools do not carry over. I guess it just depends where you go. The local college in my area only transfers c or better grades and you start fresh with a new gpa. I hope I got my facts straight because I have a f from years ago because I did not withdrawal properly. Wouldn't want that getting in the way.

    mona b
  14. by   nursing 101
    Unless you go back to the same school, most schools start you out with a fresh GPA. My school did, they only took the classes I had a C or better. F's did not transfer in neither did the previous GPA.
    Good luck everyone.
    I'm also taking Micro and Chem (skaired to death of Chem)