Microbiology class

  1. I have returned to school after about 11 years, and I am taking micro in the fall. I am so nervous about this class! To any of you that have already taken this - are there any good study guides or books that I could possible get this summer to help me out when I start school? I heard about a book called "Microbiology made ridiculously simple" - anyone read this? It's supposed to be pretty good I guess.

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  3. by   amblessing
    I am taking A&P II right now and many of my classmates claim that Micro is easier than A&P II!! I'm not taking Micro until next summer.
  4. by   subec
    I wouldn't say that micro is easier than A & P, just different. I actually enjoyed micro more.

    Ashemson---I would suggest going to the library and getting a book on diseases, and the microorganisms that cause them. I have heard of the series of books that you are talking about, but I don't know if they are helpful or not.

    Good luck with your class.
  5. by   CATHYW
    I had been out of school for 14 years when I took Micro. It was a very interesting class. I took copious notes from the lectures, and studied the dickens out of them. The labs were fun, and somestimes, stinky, depending upon what we were culturing. I was the first in my class to identify my unknown culture, so I must have learned a little something! LOL!
  6. by   meownsmile
    I actually liked the micro better than the A&P also. I dont know about any books to help get a head start, but will just say leave yourself plenty of study time. I think i put more hours in one the micro than i did the A&P. The labs were better in micro also, at least in my school.
  7. by   NurseDixie
    I have been out of school for 26 yrs. I have a great professor for Micro. He makes it easy and fun. I love lab, it is so interesting. Our professor teaches things that will be important in a clinical setting. I am almost finished with it, have a lab test today and a lecture test Wednesday and I'll be finished. By the way, I took it last summer with a different professor and couldn't pass his class. A lot depends on the teacher, in my opinion. good luck.
  8. by   EMTPTORN
    there is a microbiology coloring book (similar to anatomy coloring book) that is rather helful, it has many lessons in it. My micro teacher had all her lectures on computer, available via the internet 24/7, so studying was not hard, you had the lectures in class, then you could enjoy the lecture at home, too.

    my lab teacher was another story....................the instructor makes all the difference in the world between a miserable class you are only wishing to pass, to an awesome unforgettable experience....try your best to get an instructor like the latter.
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by subec
    i wouldn't say that micro is easier than a & p, just different. i actually enjoyed micro more.
    i agree that it wasn't easier either, since i took it in the summer (2001), it was so much to cover in a short length of time, but not easier by any means.[color]
  10. by   MelH
    Micro is much different than A & P II - I would recommend looking on this website to see if it will help you

    then click on "student center"
    It might be a different book than you are using but it's another source of information for you. Good luck!
  11. by   fairyprincess2003
    It really depends upon where you take micro.
    I know a lot of people who failed it at my University, but took it over the summer at CC and got an A. It is much more difficlut at some schools than others. If I had known then what I know now(that I could even take it at CC) I would have. Hey, they both count.
    In terms of easier/etc, I think they are both equal but in there own ways. They are both great classes, but with a ton of info to cover. If you apply yourself you can do well. You need to study everyday after class and read the chapter, oh and it saves you a lot of stress if you pay close attention in class.
    I really loved the micro lab, and thought it was easier than the class. Just study, that's the only advice I know. There are micro flash cards that I picked up at the bookstore, but honestly are no good unless ou know the basics of the class.
    Good luck
  12. by   ashemson
    Great! I am going to a CC in the fall, I have never attended there before, so I have no idea what kind of instructor I will have. From what you guys have all said, I sure hope I get a good one! Thanks you guys!:roll
  13. by   I1tobern
    IMHO micro is more interesting than A&P, simply because you are not just memorizing information (some of it is, but not all). Instead, you are looking at the process. I would liken it more to patho. Of course, I loved the labs, because it is hands on, and with the exception of some stinky cultures, you ain't breathing in that ol' formaldehyde cat smell.
  14. by   GPatty
    I have to take Micro in the fall too....
    Kind of nervous, but your comments have calmed me down some. I liked A&P II, hopefully, I'll like this too....