Microbiology and Nutrition classes...

  1. Did you guys find Micro and nutrition hard courses? I had a friend last semester taking nutrition, and she constantly said how hard it was. Her whole class' average was like a 70%. I am taking both of these classes in the fall, and I am so worried about it. My gpa right now is 2.483, and I have to have 2.5 to get accepted. My problem is that I really messed up about 10 years ago when I was in college before, now I am really paying for it! I am so determined this time though, I know I will get thru it. Right????(haha):roll
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  3. by   subec
    I found nutrition to be the easiest class I have ever taken. I ended up with a 105 average at the end of the semester. I really think it depends on the teacher.

    As for microbiology, I thought that it was a difficult class, but it was definitely my favorite pre req. I did get an A in this class, but I also studied every chance I got. If you are a visual learner, flash cards are a great tool for this class.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   Debbie5
    Hi all!

    Ashemson, does your school offer a fresh start program?
    I'm going to a community college and we have the option to erase old courses, the only thing is it requires you to come in as a brand new student. Right now I am TASP exempt and if I went back and erased my "C" from fifteen years ago, I would have to take the TASP test. Right now I'm holding a 3.92 GPA so I'm not going to worry about it.
  5. by   subec
    Hey ashemson---

    I also messed up when I was in school the first time.

    Don't worry, most schools look at your most recent grades to see how you will fare in school. My real GPA is around a 2.7, but when you figure in my nursing pre-req's I have a 3.2.

    You'll do fine---just concentrate on the classes that you are taking now.
  6. by   GPatty
    Shoot~ we've all messed up somewhere or another. Don't worry...study hard, and your grades will come up.
    I think you'll do fine.
  7. by   ashemson
    Thanks guys! I am such a different and more dedicated person that I was at 19, and I know I will do better this time. I just hate that it would keep me from getting in. Actually my advisor told me the same thing, they really look at the recent grades, but she isn't the one deciding if I am in or not!! Thanks everyone!
  8. by   I1tobern

    I agree with the earlier post to check on an academic fresh start. But, as for the Micro, I didn't find it to be that hard. I agree, however, that it depends alot on the professor teaching it. I was lucky enough to have a lady that had worked for CDC teaching our class. She made the class "real" for me. As for nutrition, alot of that stuff is common sense stuff, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with it either. I came out of both with high B (89).

    Good luck. Get with a group and study. Live by the motto, "See one, do one, teach one." If you can teach it to someone else, you know that material!
  9. by   pkmom
    It all depends on the school and the teacher. Nutrition was a breeze. It is stuff I have been taught throughout public school since the fourth grade. My micro teacher was great, her test were directly from her lecture and the test required a just a little study save the last two, they were bears!
  10. by   agallegirl
    hey girl I know what you mean! We are in about the same boat.married.....3 kids........and haven't been to school in forever! and I did awful and could careless way back then. Now I'm almost 30 and getting ready to go back and can't wait! I will say my main anxiety is not passing but keeping a Very good GPA as the nursing program I want to get into requires a 2.75 but most applicants have higher. ...SOOO thats my main goal I worry about. I'm excited for you and me both! I have a long road ahead and am ready to get started!
    April :spin:
    what state are you in?
  11. by   ashemson
    agallegirl- Hi! Isn't is frustrating trying to fix what you messed up years ago? Man, if I only knew back then how important grades were! I am in MO. How old are your kids? Mine are 8,5, and almost 2. Good luck!
  12. by   agallegirl
    That is sooo true....IF I had any idea about education & its importance.....BUT NO I was way more worried about how I looked , boys, who I ate lunch with and WHERE'S THE PARTY :hatparty:?
    It wasn't until I had my 1st child that I realized I needed to get me butt in gear 1st priority being my children. I'm married and we have 3 boys ages 5,2,&1! They are my angels My oldest will be starting kindergarten this fall and I will start college......when I graduate from nursing school(Ipray!) my youngest will be starting kindergarten! After being a stay at home mom for 5+ yrs I look to when I can concentrate more on my career. :spin: Do you have any idea what nursing specialtty your interested in? I am wanting to work in neonatal, but thats a longs ways off and could change in 4yrs!
    We'll my 1 yr old has the syrup bottle...so I gotta run!

    PS Aren't these smiley people so cute!
  13. by   ashemson
    Um, I think I would really like labor and delivery, but that could change. There is so much I don't know about nursing yet, my whole outlook could change when I get into it! Wow, you have your hands full with your kids too! Will they be in daycare while you are in school? I am going to a comm. college for 2 semesters, which offers the last 4 prereq's I need at night, then I will be days. And my middle one will be in kindergarden by then, and the college has on campus daycare, so I will probably take the little one with me. Well, gotta go. And hang in there, we will be just fine!!!
  14. by   agallegirl
    I am taking my classes on Tues. & Thurs. and 1 class on Wed. night. The 2 lil ones will be going to a daycare on those 2 days and I will be done in time enough to pick up my oldest from school.
    So your almost done with your pre-reqs? wow! I am JUST starting in the fall. From scratch. A&P will be my hardest class.
    Yes we will make it!
    :-) April