Micro Flash summer class

  1. summer micro is not easy. My lord, could not find the darn bacteria today on the darn slide. Suppose to have been live, moving bacteria, but I think I killed them before I could observe them. Maybe I contaminated. It was difficult to get help from professor since everyone needed help. Well, I will keep studying and doing labs and hope for the best, and I guess if worse comes to worst, I can always retake it.
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  3. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    Hold on! You can do it I am taking Micro during summer too but I still have two more weeks of APII, then 3 weeks of break and Micro starts at the end of June!
  4. by   seasoned hopeful
    don't worry. unfortunately, that seems to be part of micro. be patient and keep looking, get a wonderful lab partner, so you both can look and try to locate the organism. sometimes, it is not there, or can not be seen at that magnification. don't give up, when you see it you will flip out. it is amazing......
  5. by   ShortStackRN
    I'm feeling your pain...I'm taking micro this summer as well in a Hybrid format (absolutely no lecture). Labs have proven to be pretty easy but our first test is over NINE...as in 9...chapters!!! My teacher is a crazy person!!!! Plus I'm a 3rd semester nursing student so I'm just not interested in "non-nursing" classes anymore..haha! But I promise if you just keep trying you'll get it. Micro is a beast but you will slay it!!
  6. by   mom35
    MICRO. FLASH UPDATE: This professor is difficult. He said that he wants to be harder than all other professors because he wants us to think. I can appreciate that, it is always great to have a dedicated professor and he is very enthusiastic-love that too. But we go through it so fast and it is involved. That is what I get for taking micro. in a six week session. I'll stay the course and do my best.
  7. by   lilo2010
    You can do it! Just hang in there! I'm taking 8wk Micro class right now! We can both make it through this!
  8. by   mom35
    Micro Flash Update: Well another swirling tornado of a day in Summer Micro-wild, wild stuff!! I have yet to find bacteria on my own, Professor has found it for me every time. The lecture goes by so fast that my head is still spinning for hours afterward. I started recording it today, hope it helps!