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  1. by   marathon
    thanks for the reply guys. im from warren...im attending macomb community college...
  2. by   aviator411
    Live near Saline. Starting UM 2nd career BSN in Sept. Prereqs @ EMU & WCC. Taking pharm & family com @ WCC now.
  3. by   ZooMommyRN
    Quote from laineDec2007
    I'm in south central michigan... a student at Jackson Community College

    My home town is Adrian, small world lol
  4. by   MSJ2007
    Hey everyone. I just moved with my husband for his new job to Cincinnati. We moved from Grand Rapids and I think we both miss it some. Cincinnati has some similarities, so it hasn't been that bad. When we moved here, though, after a lot of searching, I couldn't find comparable work to what I had in GR. But, it was probably the best thing that ever happened, because it forced me to rethink finishing my nursing degree. I will be starting my MN program in May!

    You guys getting snow today? We're going to be in the 50's today at tomorrow...
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  5. by   angelwingsamy
    mich here too! Schoolcraft CC here
  6. by   angelbiss75
    Michigander here too! I go to nursing school at Kellogg Commuinity College in Battle Creek, MI. Graduating in May!!!!
  7. by   psalm
    I used to live in Saginaw! And we just attended a wedding for a couple of SVSU grads and campus employed.
  8. by   NightOwl0624
    I'm in michigan, too (hence the screen name!). Detroit Area, going to schoolcraft right now.

    Anglewingsamy, are you in the program or taking pre-reqs at Schoolcraft?
  9. by   BerthaRN
    Quote from iceyspots
    I'm living in SE michigan and going to EMU school of Nursing
    I got my Business degree from EMU....you guys have a much better union than we had 11 years ago

    I am in Livonia, Mi......hoping to get into OU's fall 2nd degree program
  10. by   logique
    I am in the Detroit-area. I am currently taking pre-req's at OCC and will hopefully start the ADN program @ OCC in Sept 2008
  11. by   Jules Anne
    I live in the "tri-city" area and attend SVSU. Looking forward to graduation in December!