Metric conversions

  1. Hi!

    I am taking the NET on Saturday. Does anybody have a quick way to memorize metric conversions (milli and centi...)

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  3. by   OnTheRoad
    Are you wanting to convert from milli to centi, or wanting to convert from metric to english etc?
  4. by   nurse2btracy
    I was looking thorough the book I have and there seemed to be alot of questions dealing with solutions that as nurses we would have to compute on the job. I know one question was dealing with ml's. I guess I really want to know who to compute this types of problems with the metric system.
  5. by   OnTheRoad
    If I understand you the conversions you want would be
    1000 ml in a liter
    1000 mg in a gram
    5 ml in a teaspoon
    15 ml in a tablespoon
    by the way 1ml = 1cc
    2.2 lbs per kilogram
    1000 micrograms per milligram

    Here is a site that gives common metric to metric conversions
    Another ( I like this one and it has quizzes and tutorials on math for meds)
  6. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*

    I took the NET test last Tuesday and back in August (my school used a new version, so we had to retake even though we passed) and I didn't have any conversions on my test. That's not to say that yours won't, but on my two different versions, I didn't. Which was a good thing since I am currently enrolled in Chemistry and we just learned the conversions last Wednesday!!! Good luck on the NET~

  7. by   4-us-by-us
    to convert grams(g) to grains(gr) multiply number of grams by 15

    to convert grains(gr) to grams(g) divide number of grains by 15

    to convert grams to milligrams multiply the number of grams by 1000.(you can also move the decimal poing of mg 3 places to the right)1g=1000mg

    to conver milligrams(mg) to grams(g) divide the number of milligrams by 1000( you can also move the decimall point of the mg 3 places to the left)

    to convert grains to milligrams multiply the number of grains by 60

    to convert milligrams to grains divide the number of milligrams by 60

    to convert ounces(oz) to milliliters(mL,cc) multiply the number of ounces by 30

    to convert milliliters(mL/cc)to ounces divide the number of milliters by 30

    to convert liters to ounces multiply the number of liters by 32

    to convert ounces to liters divide the number of ounces by 32

    i hope this helps to me it is the quickiest way to learn it

    Good luck
  8. by   heygirl
    When I took my NET exam that was not on there; it's just basic math. Very basic math.
  9. by   donsterRN
    Quote from heygirl
    When I took my NET exam that was not on there; it's just basic math. Very basic math.
    I'm thinking the same thing; my NET didn't have anything but basic math; some decimals and fractions, but no conversions.