Medication Check Off!

  1. Hi everyone! I just passed my medication check off today! It means I can pass meds in the hospital now. For a medication check off you are given your assignment the night before and research all your meds. The next day you pass those meds to a dummy while the skills lab instructor watches you and asks you a ton of questions! You have to have a certain score in order to pass.

    What do you have to do at YOUR school to be able to pass meds in the hospital?? I am just curious! Thanks a bunch!
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  3. by   ibmaryann
    I have oral meds/IM injection checkoff tomorrow. We sign up for a time and then you just show up. They will give you a docter's order and a MAR. You will then prepare all medicine (calculate and measure) right there in front of them. You will draw up all IM injections. and then pretend to give to your patient ( your partner). We will use a needle stick pad (not sure what they are called) to give the injections. We have no clue as to what meds or anything until we get the MAR that day.
    Wish me luck.
    God Bless,
    Mary Ann
  4. by   platinum_garb
    i had to do something similar to that as well. i was handed an MAR and had to do my oral meds, rectal suppository, IM and Subq injections, and be able to answer any questions she had while i prepared them and went through the motions of giving them. we also used an injection pad of some sort to demo the shots. im glad i have those out of the way. clinicals start on the 12th and im psyched!enguin:
  5. by   locolorenzo22
    I'm not sure if we have to have them demoed before we can do them in clinical, as the only thing that has been said to us (and just e-mailed to us) is that our physical assessment has to be done before we start. Of course, I've had mine done for 2 weeks. YAY!! I'm not looking forward to two demos upcoming(drawing injection out of an ampule-always touch the sides, and changing clean dressing) Anyone have any tips? My oral med demo isn't until 11-2, so I hope we don't have to demo it before we do it! As far as I know we are supervised so we can do it regardless.....
  6. by   locolorenzo22
    PASSED MY ORAL MED DEMO TODAY!! I went in to practice drawing med out of ampule and there were some slots that people didn't show up for so the 4 of us in the room agreed with instructor if we could get oral meds done, why not? Given a MAR, had to calculate dosage of a liquid med, count out the right amount of tablets, know the 7 rights of med admin, and then answer assorted questions about the MAR and how to ensure rights, could we leave meds if client didn't want them right then, etc.....
    WHOO! Means I don't have to do a demo on it all the way at 11-2! Ok, off to B&N today to study for my lab test tomorrow!!
  7. by   ibmaryann
    I'm checked off on IM and oral meds now also. It wasn't that bad. I pretty much went throught it easy. I tell you getting the bubble out of the syringe has my fingernails sore. Now all I have left to check off on before clinicals are Suction/NG tube, Foley, SQ/Topical/Sterile Dressing. Only 3 more check off days to go. Now off to study for the BIG lecture test tomorrow. Good Luck everyone!!!
    God Bless,
    Mary Ann
  8. by   SamHill
    My oral med checkoff was today. We go in and transcribe the orders onto the MAR, catch any mistakes if there are any. Then we pulled our meds while going over the 5 rights(TRAMP). Before we go to the pt's room, our instructor asks questions about the meds(action, avg dose range, side effects). In the pt's room we take any vitals or apical pulse(Digoxin) we need, then we do the 5 rights again and give our meds. Not too bad.
  9. by   CH080605
    First of all, CONGRATS!! Feels good, doesn't it? We did Meds check off last week. We had to show the different sites for each type of injection, the size needle to use and gauge, and explain how to give them. Then we had to actually administer one of each type of injection to a little square pad. Then we had a few different types of meds. to draw up, pour, etc. We had to do a few conversions and show our work. I think that's about it!
  10. by   Butterfly3001
    Hi this post is sorta old but I want to know if anyone has done a recent med checkoff and how it went. Could you also describe the sort of things the instructors would ask about the meds as well. Thanks I don't have this checkoff until February but we have a really BUSY semester, so I am trying to get ahead on somethings. Thanks so much!!!!!:heartbeat
  11. by   shrimpchips
    Well, in our lab we had an injections check off. We drew cards for the sites and for either subQ or IM, then they evaluated us on checking, re-checking and checking again along with checking the MAR five times, properly cleaning the site and proper injection technique...all of the correct steps needed to properly and safely give an injection. They also made us name all anatomical landmarks and injection sites for both subQ and IM, regardless of what we got.

    Clinically, we had to complete a medication sheet that included the brand/generic name, route, dose, nursing implications, side effects, etc. This had to be completed by the morning of clinical, then when it was our turn to pass meds our instructor would ask us a bunch of questions about the drugs while we prepped them. For injections, they had to watch us draw it up then check the amount in the syringe then watch us administer it.