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  1. Hello! I will be entering my second semester of being in the ADN Nursing Program in Fall '08. I will be taking two classes that I have heard are the ones that will make or break nursing students: Med-Surg and Mother/Baby. I am super worried! Does anyone have any recommendations of things I should look over this summer? Maybe things that I learned last semester that will be focused on more...or new things that I could get a head start on learning? Thank you so much for your time. Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   NeonateLVN
    Yes hello I'm in the LVN program at my school and am in my second semester (we learn the same skills) anyways I'm in Med Surg. I suggest a focus on the Endocrine System disorders and the Respiratory especially. 7 days left for my Med Surg. Mother/Baby is my second summer session and we were given the outline for our peds assessment 2 months early because it's that labor intensive good luck!
  4. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I'm in a BSN program, but I also had Med-Surg and OB together in one semester. I found Med-Surg to be a completely different beast than OB and got royally frustrated when I spent weeks studying for my first Med-Surg exam and a week for OB and I got a much higher grade on the OB exam. Med-Surg is a very intense class and it actually forced me to study material in so many different ways aside from just reading class notes and paying attention in class, but I ended up getting a B in both classes.

    One thing that I kept for review that helped me alot was my pathophysiology notebook and textbook. I had patho first semester of junior year and Med-Surg second semester of that same year. Med-Surg felt like patho in much more depth to me. Med-Surg really delves into interventions and drugs/treatment for pathological diseases I covered in patho. Brush up on any body systems you've had trouble with. Take a look at some EKGs online if you can, because I'll admit that cardio seriously throws me for a loop every time I learn about it. If you need any help, lemme know while it's all still fresh in my mind. Good luck!
  5. by   southernbelle4lu
    Wow! I didn't know I would get some responses so fast! Thanks so much for both of your comments! I really really appreciate it and will definately focus on the topics that you spoke of. Keep the good advice coming!
  6. by   NursesRock!!
    I just finished my second semester of OB/Med Surg/Psych and let me say do whatever you can to prepare in advance. We lost 8-10 students this semester :0( Deff. know your fluid/electrolytes and IV therapy solutions. (This was a biggie for lots of us) As far as OB is concerned It was "easy" for me- I've had 2 complicated pregnancies. . . Just try and read to get a head start and GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. by   southernbelle4lu
    Thanks so much! At the community college I am attending many girls did not make it through Med Surg. so I am just really worried. So far I have been looking over my meds.. but plan to look over everything you guys tell me is important. Thank you!!!
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    What were some of the most difficult topics for you all in Med Surg or OB?
  9. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Quote from southernbelle4lu
    What were some of the most difficult topics for you all in Med Surg or OB?
    For Med-Surg, I'd have to say fluid/electrolytes and some of the GI stuff was kinda complicated.

    For OB, I despised the fetal monitoring stuff and also wasn't fond of STDs/women's health.