Mayo Clinic Summer III 2018 - page 9

Hey everyone!!! I am so excited to apply for the Mayo Clinic externship of 2018. I have been dreaming of it since high school. Best of luck to everyone who applies. I truly hope that all of... Read More

  1. by   AWC1326
    Hey everyone!!! I know the waiting is brutal but hopefully you find out here soon. We found out Feb. 15 the year I was a summer 3 in 2016. It was the best experience of my life!!! Dont be dissapointed if you dont get your top pick, I didnt, and I loved every second still. I ended up back here at Mayo once I graduated and still am so grateful for the opportunity I was given when I was offered a summer 3 spot. Good luck to all, I am very excited for you!
  2. by   Nurse2Bin2018
    Guys! I am sweatin'! Has anyone heard anything or seen any changes on their Mayo application? I have to sign a "contract" for another internship by Thursday so I'm hoping we hear ASAP. Ahhhh!
  3. by   pedsRNBSN19
    SAME HERE!!! I thought for sure we would know by today. I cannot wait!
  4. by   Kirs10RN
    All I wanted for V-Day was to know lol. Crazy to think that we will know by the end of the week
  5. by   Happy_Reester
    I got in!!! They put my documents in the Candidate Portal once you sign into your account!! Let me know who else got in!!! I'm so excited!!!
  6. by   Nurse2Bin2018
    @Happy_Reester, did you get an email too? Also, congrats!!!
  7. by   Happy_Reester
    I got an email telling me there was a document in my profile. It wasn't more clear than that though. So I was freaking out trying to sign in!
  8. by   Nurse2Bin2018
    Would you be a dear and share what your last name starts with and when you got your email? Just so nervous haha.
  9. by   hkantzer
    Hi everyone! I got an email that I was selected as an alternate. My email came around 3:00! Hang in there Also, if anyone has any info about how many alternates get in and how they choose, etc please let me know! I'm just curious
  10. by   Happy_Reester
    Hanson! Also I've heard that previous years put together a group on Facebook so we can talk and stuff before we get there! Let me know if someone is setting it up, or if you want me to set one up!
  11. by   EZToken99
    Hi everyone! I am still waiting to hear anything/get an email. Did anyone else happen to get an acceptance, alternate or an official rejection? I hope I don't have to wait until tomorrow!
  12. by   mckayla12
    Hello everyone! Congratulations to those that got in! I received my email stating I was selected today! If you didn't, keep your head up! This does not define you as a nurse. You will still be an amazing nurse! Bo Bennett said "A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success." You all are great!
  13. by   pedsRNBSN19
    I got in!