1. Hi everyone - Does anyone have any recommendations for nursing magazines that it would be useful to subsribe to as a student?
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  3. by   USA987
    I love Nursing 2003..
  4. by   det01
    The Made Incredibly Easy Series has come out with a magazine! I just ordered my subscription and have not gotten the first issue yet. However, I really like the series so I am hoping the magazine is just as good!

    I also subscribe to AJN (American Journal of Nursing). It usually has really good articles in it. In fact one of my teachers used articles from it as extra required reading several different times during the semester.

    I also get a magazine called Imprint with my NSNA membership.

    Hope that helps!
  5. by   OnMyWay
    Thanks! I joined NSNA so I will be getting Imprint and I will check out the others as well.
  6. by   zacarias
    Nursing2003 is great for clinical updates and techniques. AJN is a must. I know it's full of political agenda, but the articles are often top-notch and the magazine is peer-reviewed.
  7. by   Wren
    OnMyWay..... The two journals mentioned, Nursing 2003 and American Journal of Nursing, are great places to start and affordable for even the most cash-strapped student. Plus, that will get your name on various mailing lists and you'll start to get cool mail with continuing ed courses, uniforms, nursing gifts etc. I loved that stuff when I was student. (now I toss most of it!)

    If you have a strong feeling or desire to work in a particular specialty when you graduate.... say, labor and delivery, critical care nursing, oncology...etc, another idea is to join a specialty association and you'll get their journal and other info. If that sounds like you and you can afford it (generally between $50 to $100 although some have student rates that make it even more affordable), I highly recommend that.

    As a student I joined the Association for Critical Care Nurses (ACCN) and even though I haven't logged a lot of time as an ICU nurse, I have learned an enormous amount from their journals. It is a relatively inexpensive way to start learning more about a specialty and all of the issues that are unique to the nurses working there.

    Good luck!
  8. by   NurseDixie
    I like RN magazine and Nursing 2003, I get AJN, but I am not going to renew it. I didn't like it as well.
  9. by   kbstudent
    I love Nursing 2003. Am not going to renew AJN, too political. Am interested to hear about the new Incredibly Easy Series magazine. Do you have a web address for that???

  10. by   det01
    I sent in the card I found for it in the July AJN.

    It gave this web address:

    Okay, I am editing this and adding the exact address where it can be found. That way you do not have to navigate that site.

    There is also a number you can call:

    1-800-638-3030 mention 3Y352B

    It will cost $19.95 plus 3.95 shipping and handlin for 6 issues
    (you will recieve a new issue bimontly). They say this is 50% off the cover price. You can cancel after the first issue if you don't like it and owe nothing. (they will tell you how to do that - I think you just right cancel on the invoice they send you and send it back to them)

    Here is what the Ad said it would help you stay current on the most highly recommended methods for:

    focused assessment
    performing nursing procedures
    charting even the toughest situations
    accurate ECG interpretation
    administring newly approved drugs (and drugs w/ new warnings)
    confidently educating patients and their families
    carrying out advance doasge calculations

    It is pretty much brand new! (If you beleive what the ad would lead you to believe - "be amoung the first to recieve a free trial" it says)

    Anyways, if it is anything like the book series, I am sure it will be wonderful!

    Hope all of this helps!!!!!!!
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