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How many people have lost weight in school? Are you exercising? Dieting? Or, just not enough time to eat? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments... Read More

  1. by   astralmagi
    I gained a Lot of weight when I stopped smoking(...),am now struggling to lose it,but I know I will be triumpant(Will power)
  2. by   jillbecker83
    So I'm in the lost weight category but its not all its cracked up to be. I gained last 2 semesters (which is normal for me while in school). This semester I've lost 20 plus but the downside is what's moved "down!" I have lost my appetite and just don't have time to eat. I literally will get so focused studying that I forget. So now my body is feeding off my muscles and what used to be a somewhat perky butt is hanging to the floor! I need to try to fit I'm some exercise somehow cause I've seen the loss of muscle affect me in clinicals.
  3. by   blt99
    I gained weight through my pre-nursing school semesters. This is my first semester in nursing school and I've lost 15 so far.

    It's from being too poor to eat at the cafeteria, vending machines, starbucks, or fast food. Nursing school is expensive. I take my cheap, but almost no calorie coffee from home, instead of starbucks 400 calorie 87g sugar fancy drinks.
    Anorexia after being so busy on non-clinical days and on clinical days I really don't feel like eating right after cleaning up poo and being hopped up on adrenaline. I'm not one of those people that can stuff my face when I get home, it makes me sick.

    Most expensive diet, but I'll take it.
  4. by   kphill21
    Well, happy to say...Start of pre-reqs, I weighed 208. Nursing school started, I weighed 190. Nursing school ending I have gone to the gym for stress relief (yes I killed myself to get there), ate tons and tons of fresh vegetables and fruits and protein shakes...145 lbs. and ready to graduate with my RN in December 2012. Much better on the legs when doing 12 hour clinicals for 2-3 days in a row, in addition to nursing school and Pathophysiology

    You can do it. If you can do nursing school, you can do anything! Eat right, go to the gym, don't ever lift heavy weights if you are a girl. At the very most -- 40 lbs - 30 lbs - 20 lbs (drop sets) on arms and 50 lbs - 40 lbs - 30 lbs on legs and back. Never, ever let a guy tell you how to lift weights at the gym, they DO NOT KNOW A WOMAN'S BODY. Melt the weight off of you.
  5. by   Murse281
    So far I have stayed the same, but I would love to have more time to lose weight.
  6. by   Wrench Party
    I'm right where I was when I started last fall @ 145. I pretty much hang out around this number all the time +/- 5 lbs,
    no matter diet, exercise or stress. I'll never see 125 again, but then again unless I eat cookies all the time (i.e. Xmas), it's hard to
    break 150.

    Umm...thanks steady metabolism?
  7. by   studentnurse4373
    Wish I could say the same! I have gained weight since starting nursing school as most of my time is spent studying with not much physical activity. I do go to zumba once a week but that does not really help, as my eating pattern is not good as I dont have time to eat full meals during the day and so tend to eat a big meal when I get home so my body goes on starvation mode.
  8. by   hopeful_27
    My last semester of nursing school took a toll on me. With presentations, projects, clinicals, and studying for exams, I did not had time to eat nor sleep. I was a 110 pounds and went down to 88.4 pounds. All my clothes became baggy and I look really malnourished.
  9. by   KKREBS
    I'm almost finished first semester and I'm already up 7 pounds.
  10. by   dezmejia
    I HOPE I have that problem! I'm a stress-eater! Hoping the stress doesn't make me chubbier! I met a guy that just finished school and swore his whole class gained about 15lb. Hopefully I'm the other way!
  11. by   dezmejia
    Dang girl, you're my hero! Haha Congrats on being almost done!
  12. by   MeekaNichole

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  13. by   ~Melissa~
    Ha! fingers crossed it works out for me like that. I tend to be a stress eater, though. :-\ Maybe if I just don't have TIME, though....