looking to purchase school books online, suggestions?

  1. Hi fellow students,

    I need to purchase an A&P book for Summer Session and I thought that rather than go to the campus bookstore I would see if I could get a cheaper deal going somewhere online.

    Have any of you used online student book sellers and if they were good what are the web addresses?

    Thanks for any info. you can give.

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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    Perhaps if you posted what book you needed, Title, Author, Edition, and possibly ISBN on here someone may have the one you need and would be willing to sell it to you. If it wasn't for the cost of books, nursing school would not have been half bad.
    Here is a link to a site with some book resources on it.

  4. by   StudentSandra

    Get the ISBN for the book, then go to mySimon and do a "search by" ISBN. When the book comes up, do a list "lowest TOTAL price" and it will give you the prices including S&H.

    It's one of my favorite sites!!
  5. by   CountrifiedRN
    I've used Barnes and Noble online, the books arrive pretty quickly. Sometimes they will have the option to buy used books also. Sorry, don't know the site URL, but you should find it on any search engine.
  6. by   MRed94
    I have also used bizrate.com for finding books. Got some good prices on used ones.

    Good luck.

  7. by   Agnus
    I have purchased both new and used textbooks through them. You can get free shipping for orders over $99.
    I have used Barns and Noble, ebay and others on line. However, I have found when it comes to used books or purchasing from venders that sell through these folks the best service and response has been amazon.

    For example if you want to buy a used book and amazon has a vender with the book you are notified right away that the book is available and is shipped quickly. Other's like Barns and Noble give the vender a longer time to respond and some times they may take weeks and who knows when they will get arround to shipping. Just my experience. I have also gone directly to the publisher's site and sometimes they have better deals.

    After much experience ordering text books on line I will stay with amazon for now. Less frustration expecially when I need something now and need to know if I am really going to get it. Just my experience.

    Shop around Barns and Noble, Borders, Amazon are the 3 biggies.
  8. by   wsiab
    Check out www.bestwebbuys.com/books/. You can enter the book by title or ISBN, it searches and shows you who has it for the lowest price after shipping, who has it new or used, etc and gives you a comparison graph and links. Very useful site.

    My School did not have bookstore, so we had to order from local stores or online. In my experience it was cheaper online. Barnes an Nobles does great with instock books and when you order they send you coupons for discounts on your next purchase, however, with books on backorder, it can take a weeks, their customer service is not student friendly and they are not the cheapest. Textbooks.com is owned and operated by Barnes and Nobles, they stock more textbooks, offer more used books, keep you posted about your orders and have more student friendly policies/customer service reps....pricing is the same as BN, if you are a BN fan I would suggest Textbooks.com. Amazon is good but usually more expensive for textbooks. Ecampus.com's web site can be slow, but they are cheap, they have good customer service, they fill their orders in a timely manner and they send you free stuff and discounts on future orders.
  9. by   DebsZoo

    Wow, thanks much for the links for textbooks.
    I am an AVID eBayer, and constant websurfer (soon to end, due to school, lol). This is a great board!!

  10. by   kats
    I haven't actually ordered my books yet, but I found out that I could order them through the publisher. I am going to be saving over $60 from what I would have paid through amazon. com and probably more from what I would have paid through school. Of course, these books are for Fall semester so I don't need them very fast. I am going to have the same teacher that I do this semester and he told us the names of the books we will need. Just a suggestion f another place to look.
  11. by   ljb
    Both "half.com" (it's part of ebay), and "ecampus.com" have been good sources for me. Check them out too!
  12. by   healthyone
    some advice that has worked well for me...i have bought now 3 nursing textbooks off of ebay and i love it. being hooked up with paypal is so convenient as well. so far no problems...i have gotten the potter& perry i wanted, a pharmacology text, and a nsg made easy text.

    pretty pleased with the exchanges so far, and i highly recommend it.
  13. by   StudentSandra
    many good sites, just make sure you get the isbn for the books you need so you can make sure to get the correct edition. at e-bay if they don't list the isbn you can e-mail the seller a question and ask for the number. most sellers will be very helpful.....i have been getting some nclex review books from e-bay....only one seller wouldn't get me an isbn...but wrote back a smart aleck response..."take a chance"....i don't think so!
  14. by   micro
    i do very lil' to nil online shopping, so no advice from me take....

    but what I say.....go to your college bookstore and pay for used books......save a $$ and they will not resell them unless they are in good shape.........

    utilize the library..........or find an old nurse.....that has them sitting dusty on their shelves....if you are just looking for resources.........

    just micro.....

    pay her no mind.......
    what a micro