last nursing care plan ever!

  1. so..this is my last care plan ever and I'm a little stumped for nursing diagnosis. I have a 11mo who was diagnosed about a month ago with ALL. For these care plans we have to write psychosocial nursing diagnosis based on their developmental task (i.e. trust v mistrust). Our instructor wants them to be PATIENT focused, not parent focused so, it makes it a little more difficult. With this said she does not like impaired parent/infant attachment as this is more parent focused than infant. The nursing diagnosis that I have come up with for this particular patient are

    1.) Risk for infection r/t immunosuppressed state secondary to leukemia and side effects of chemotherapy

    2.) Risk for injury r/t thrombocytopenia

    3.) Risk for disorganized infant behavior r/t prolonged hospitalization, unfamiliar environment, stranger anxiety and painful procedures.

    Let me know what you guys think or if you have any suggestions. I hate that they are all risk for but, his breathing pattern is ok, airway clearance is fine, bp/circulation is good, fluid volume status good, nutritional status good, his mucous membranes are good thus far through his induction phase of chemotherapy.
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    all you've posted is 3 anticipated nursing problems (diagnoses) and no information about the patient other than he or she has all. what symptoms does the patient have? there are symptoms because the parents wouldn't have brought the child to the doctor for care at 11 months. children need to be assessed for their developmental milestones. you can find the normal milestones on several websites listed on the pediatric weblinks here: Medical Disease Information/Treatment/Procedures/Test Reference Websites - medical disease information/treatment/procedures/test reference websites. the difference between assessing an 11-month old child and an adult is that the child can't tell you what is wrong with them. you have to have very sharp skills of observation. i think you missed a few things. check leukemia on the kid's health website (

    good luck with the rest of your nursing program.
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    Last care plan ever...

  5. by   mb09
    thank you guys! I'm very excited that this is it! The pt is a 11month old male who was brought in a month ago because he had a fever, they thought it was pneumonia, they did blood work up and found that he had leukemia. as of now he is stable..thats why they were risk for nursing diagnosis. what do you think? he is being housed as of now at the hospital until he can go elsewhere for a bone marrow transplant.
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    I'm thinking I'm going to use readiness for enhanced organized infant behavior for his developmental nursing diagnosis because he is developmentally on track other than that he is currently in the hospital for his ALL. the pt is afebrile, good nutritional status, good fluid volume status, no breathing problems, no airway problems, no circulatory problems..that's why they were risk for
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    congrats on your last one!!