Medical Disease Information/Treatment/Procedures/Test Reference Websites

  1. here is my listing of weblinks to information on medical disease and their treatment which is another important component of your nursing education. i often go to these websites for information when answering posts. now, you can go to these websites for information yourself. many of these sites have good patient teaching materials if you search the sites for them. use the search boxes, menu bars and the links on some of these sites to find more useful information on them.

    government sponsored sites
    physician sponsored sites
    the merck manuals
    online medical textbooks
    consumer (patient) information a.d.a.m. healthcare center for consumers
    lab/x-ray/other tests
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    couldn't figure out where else on the stickys to post this. these are quick reference cards on all kinds of clinical subjects for medical students at the university of virginia from all kinds of different procedures to acid/base balance. you can also link into videos of some procedures and physical exam procedures as well.
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    the heart
    the lungs
    the kidneys
    the pancreas/diabetes
    immune system
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  5. by   Daytonite - the university of iowa geriatric education center - complex acute care across the lifespan: elderly end of life care - aging in the know
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    Thanks a lot for the useful informative links. I would also like to recommend a website which is a great resource for medical videos online. It not only provides an in-depth overview of various medical disorders but also provides alternative medicine information. The website is named as and is created by physicians to educate patients and strengthen the relationship between doctors and patients.
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    I just starting using the Critical Flowsheet as a study tool for Peds & it's working very nice. I'm pretty logical so tools like this help a lot!!! Plan to use it for Finals with OB & Peds coming up and as a review for Med-Surg before going in High Acuity. Thanks a lot, Daytonite!
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