Language Studies Online - Supplement to Nursing

  1. Anyone considering minoring or studying foreign language particularly spanish prior to getting RN?

    Do you think this would give you a better advantage in marketablility?

    The only online spanish program I could find was a certificate program through Univeristy of Maryland..
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  3. by   suzanne4
    There are quite a few computer based programs for Spanish that you can pick up at either Sam's Club or Costco. Also look into the Berlitz programs that you can purchase discs for. I learned more of my Spanish by watching movies in Spanish, first with subtitles in English, then without. If you ar learning Spanish for the medical field, it will be different than the Spanish that you will learn in class or on-line unless you can find one for Medical Spanish.....Have you tried a search for that?

    Hope that this helps..................and yes, knowing Spanish is quite helpful and will make your life much easier.................
  4. by   suzanne4
    Just checked, there are actually quite a few listed, use Yahoo search and look under "Medical Spanish on-line."
  5. by   Havin' A Party!
    Hey there, Agent! Don't think you'll necessarily need to minor in Spanish formally. So long as you can master it conversationally you'll achieve the value needed.

    Heard the Rosetta Stone products are highly acclaimed.
  6. by   manna
    Been wanting to take Spanish classes for ages, but never have had the opportunity.
  7. by   Energizer Bunny
    agent...I asked this question a couple weeks ago and have decided to try to learn spanish on my own through books and tapes. My dh can speak it fairly well so he can help with pronunciation. The general consensus was that it would be beneficial, but as another poster said, I don't think you actually have to minor in it or even take college courses if you can teach yourself.
  8. by   bigmona
    i'm going to mexico (leaving in less than 3 weeks!) for 2 months - first 2 weeks there i'll have daily intensive spanish classes ( and then i will be working in an integrative medical clinic for the remainder of the time i'm there. sort of satisfies both my desire to be able to speak spanish as a healthcare worker, and study abroad (i never got to do it in college).
  9. by   agent
    cool.. good for you
  10. by   ARmickie
    Our school was considering a LPN/RN Bridge program, and we were told that it was a possibility that a Spanish class would be required. That was just for this school, of course, but they said that it would allow you to make more money...
  11. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from bigmona
    ... going to mexico for 2 months... daily intensive spanish classes and then i will be working in an integrative medical clinic for the remainder of the time i'm there...
    Two birds, one stone. Enjoy! :hatparty:

    Don't forget though. Mexican-style Spanish may include many words that are colloquial only to that country.
  12. by   ChloeRN
    I have got to learn Spanish myself! Living in Dallas, TX and only knowing how to say thank you and hello really don't cut it when you have at least 1 spanish speaking only patient a day! Bought a program online and trying to see how much I can do with it. At least I can say that I'm a nurse and sorta get my point across, but my ultimate goal is to be fluent.