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I don't normally have a lot of complaints or concerns...I'm usually more excited about school and what's going on in my life.... But today I had a few hours to sit down and just reflect on what my... Read More

  1. by   kasia2
    Quote from krazykev
    This the first time in my life I am around females this much, but it seems everyone that I meet is either in a committed relationship, or bitter about men in general. So I actually find my situation both humorous and sad at the same time. Plus, I currently live in a small town and when I am done with school I am moving out of here to a more liberal area. Then in addition, I will not consider dating another person who is not college educated. So it is really a combination of factors that limit my dating ability at this time in my life. Consequently, I have decided to enjoy this time in my life and to make the most of the time. And I am enjoying it! Who knows, perhaps I will meet a very caring, loving, and humorous nurse. And we all know just how wonderful all nurses truly are.:spin:
    Well you mentioned that you wouldnt date anyone who is not college educated, and why is that
  2. by   locolorenzo22
    Personally, I would go with a combo of being educated (like HS at least), and having some "street smarts" to go with that. If I have to do everything for you, a relationship is not daddy/'s two adults being equal in different apects of the relationship....IMHO....
  3. by   Kaiserstudent
    I am SO glad I'm not the only one thinking about that. Only 2 other people in my class are not married with children, and I was beginning to wonder if this was "it" for me. LOL

    I only have time to meet people online and chat while I'm checking my email. But my positive outlook on it is that, is only about another 7 months of my life while in school....then graduation....studying for the NCLEX....First stressful year of nursing....yea it never ends lol