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  1. Hi all:
    Let me just say that in light of everything that has happened and is happening in this country, nursing school suddenly seems terribly insignificant. However, I keep thinking that if ever this happens again, and unfortunately there will always be horrific situations everywhere, maybe as a nurse I will be of assistance to someone.
    I can't even begin to say how affected I am. I know I'm not the only one who cries every time he or she listens to the news.
    Anyway, in the interest of pressing on and not making this too lengthy, I just wanted to say I passed my first lab exam .
    We just started the nursing curriculum, and this lab was:
    Making an occupied bed
    General Hygiene
    We each got checked off for all skills individually.... talk about anxiety. Who knew they could turn such basic stuff into checklists a mile long?
    So I'm celebrating with one beer before bed and then tomorrow (my day off from work and school!), I'm meeting one of my study partners at the lab so we can practice for next Monday's check off... that's ambulation/assisted devices/patient transfers.
    Hope everyone is doing well. We have our first lecture test on Monday as well.
    Take care and stay safe.
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  4. by   delirium
    Thanks, janleb. I really am pretty proud because they just taught us all this stuff on Monday and we had to be proficient by Wednesday... like ambulation I am learning (independently) today and have to be proficient by Monday. Plus I have to make my lab video and study for the lecture test and........
    Ah, the joys of nursing school.
    I'm a bit envious of my peers who don't have to work and go to school. That would make things much less stressful.
    Take care and stay safe.
    God bless America.
  5. by   GPatty
    Way to go, MsPurp! I am in the midst of doing those "basic" skills also, and how do they make those checkoff lists so long?

    I have passed all proficiencies so far, and gotten an A and a B on my tests. I kind of appreciate having to go over these skills (I did them as a CNA) because the nurses way and the CNA way sometimes are so different. AND... it's good for the ladies (and gentlemen) in my class who have never done this type of work before to learn these things before we head any further.

    The best of luck to us all and may the Holy Lord above bless us.

  6. by   Shanners_SPN
    I have the whole bedbath/occupied bed/oral care/back rub skill tomorrow...I haven't even studied over it...*sigh*
    Congrats though that is awesome
  7. by   Katnip
    Good for you, MsPurp! I haven't had my first lab yet. The things you mentioned we do in two different classes: health assessment, histories and vital signs in one (that's as far as we've gotten so far) and all the things like bathing, urine samples,and wound care in the other.

    In the second one, we're tested and vidoetaped in only one of the skills. We don't know what it's going to be until after you walk in the lab. there are only two partners in there at a time. One doing the assigned skill and the other taping. Does anyone else do it that way?

    Anyway, both those lab validations are in two weeks.

    Sorry about running off at the keyboard.
  8. by   KC CHICK
    Way to stay on track in spite of all the terrible distractions!!!! Keep up the great work!!
  9. by   delirium
    Thanks again everyone.
    At my school it works like this: each week you have a scheduled lab period for 1 hour and 40 minutes. This lab is not for practice, it is strictly for check offs. Any practice you need to do on your own time. (Which I did today).
    Each section we have one videotaped lab skill. This section it happens to be applying anti-embolitic hose and cast care. We videotape ourselves, then it is peer reviewed, then it is instructor reviewed. All the other labs are instructor check off.
    We have to take a pre-test when we walk into lab. If you don't get at least a 70% on the pre-test (that's 7 out of 10 multiple choice questions) you cannot participate in lab that day. Then we have individual check-offs for the skill, then you have to answer a question based on a fictional scenario, then we have group check-offs. That's where everyone gets together and draws something out of a hat and we have to demonstrate it. That's low-stress, even though I thought it wouldn't because i have performance anxiety. We are already a very tight knit group.
    I feel pretty good about Monday... today I practiced one person maximal assist to get a patient out of bed into a wheelchair and back into bed. Also practiced with ambulation belt, walker, and cane, and this very scary mechanical lifting device. I just have to make sure I read the modules again.
    I'd love to hear how it works elsewhere.