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  1. Hello all student nurse friends. It has been a while since I have posted here but did have to say a few things. It has been a long three semesters and I am definately ready for the end of this journey. I am finishing up my psych rotation and will be starting the final semester of my nursing program in the fall. I am so very fortunate to have made it through most of this. I am a single mom of 5 children and have seen my share of moments when I was ready to throw in the towel! With the encouragement of my wonderful family and good friends, I am still here and almost finished! I can truly say that I am blessed. Hang in there to all of you newcomers and just know that all of the late nights with pre-clinical preperations and the late nights studying for the test from He** will be well worth all of your hard work when you can finally say, I think I have made it! Good luck to all and have a great summer!
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  3. by   maire
    Perseverence really pays off...congo rats on coming this far and good luck with your next semester!

    (Single mom with 5 kids...you are my hero!)
  4. by   NurseDixie
    I congratulate you. I feel like you do, I have completed 3 semesters with 1 more to go, I am on summer break now, will go back in Aug. and graduate in December. I don't know how you do it with 5 children. I don't have any kids, but I am a little older than most (46), it has been a long road, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.LOL
    I've felt like throwing in the towel a few times myself. I failed one semester d/t husbands MI, and CABG, and had to withdraw one semester (had to miss a lot d/t my health). Hubby just got out of hospital yesterday, he was admitted w/chest pain. Hope he'll continue to do well.
  5. by   nynurse2b
    Congrats to you and to all who share in a similar struggle. All the experiences and stuggles faced will make you a stronger and more dedicated nurse due to how very badly you want that R.N. at the end of your name...Keep your head up and lots of luck to you in your final semester!!
  6. by   GPatty
    Congratulations to you! You deserve a break! Have a good time after you graduate.....you earned it!
  7. by   fnimat1
    Congratulations...after reading your posts I know I can do it...I have 4 children and often wonder if I'm doing the right thing....or it it's possible at all....but I know I can do it....it's just scary thinking about how...lol. Congratulations again!!!

  8. by   shelleybelle
    awww.. Congratulations!!!!!! I'm right there with ya, sister! I'm a single mom with NO help from anyone (well, except the $230 per month I get in Child support from my ex who makes $50k/yr - but i'm not bitter ) and now that I have about 7wks left, I'm so very, very proud to say I've managed to maintain all A's & 1 B. I've still got a tough road ahead trying to figure out how to pay for the last semester, which grants don't cover and only 1 scholarship. But hey... God will provide - he always has. I've come a long way, baby!

    txnurse - YOU GO GIRL!
  9. by   straba
    I am very encouraged by your post. Although I don't have 5 children (just 2) and I'm not a single mom (a married dad), I know nursing school will be a real challenge! Congratulations to you, and best of luck in your future
  10. by   fulwood
    Well done to all of you especially those who are single mums and have kids. I don't know how you do it but my best wishes to you and much success in the future.
  11. by   Yellow Rose RN
    Wow!! Thanks to everyone who responded to my message. I really feel that all of you who have been questioning how you will ever do it..... well, you will persevere! I just know it! Thanks again for all of the wonderful comments, I really appreciate everyone!
    Hugs to all

  12. by   Scavenger'sWife
    I want to add my congratulations to you, txnurse! YOU ROCK!!!

    And to all who are students, especially if you are trying to do it while raise a family: You are wonderful.

    I went to school at an older age than most, but I had grown children and did not even have to hold down a job, as Hubby (Bless his heart!) worked extra so I could just concentrate on school. (And it was *still* tough!)

    So a big pat on the back, hugz & kisses to all of you!

    And if you are still in school: DON'T GIVE UP! It is all worth it in the end!!!
  13. by   rebel_red
    From single mom to single mom: You are my hero too! and thanks to all our married "sisters" for their support!

  14. by   peaceful2100
    Wow, I am a single mom of 1. I can not imagine what it would be like being a single mom of 5 but you know what you do what you have to do and if you really want to do something then you can do anything your heart desires. Families are great and too single moms without ANY support I really look up to you. I have plenty of support and I kept thinking about all the single moms without support who are doing this.