Just finished assessment tests..Uugh!

  1. [FONT=Veranda]Yuck! I know I am at the beginning of my game...and this was actually the part I dredded more than anything! I feel so stupid. The english even confused me. (not to mention the math) I am not sure if I was over stressed, or unprepared. It makes me feel like I am so not worthy of becoming an RN! Now I know its going to be a huge, long, deserted road. (Was that correct?) Ugh! OH! and get this, there was a young man there that I used to BABY-SIT!!! Wholly cow, I felt OLD too!!
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  3. by   smileystudent
    Oh Cindee you'll be fine. We all had to start there too taking the test. I was a wreck too and thought I was not going to do well but it turns out because it was an assessment it just helped me start in the right classes so I didnt get overwelmed w/ things I didn't know. Because I started where I needed to I have found I am successful in college because of my foundation classes. Don't worry you will learn everything in steps so dont feel overwhelmed. I was scared at first because it looked hard but each of my instructors guided me through the class till I get to the end and then I can't believe how much I learned from them.
    I feel old sometimes too but when you get into the prereqs and the harder classes you will start to see other students more your age. I'm in my 30's too and I see more students my age now. In the general ed classes I would see alot of younguns and I would feel old now I feel like I belong. You will too in a semester or two. Good luck to you in your education. and keep your eye on the goal even when it seems like it is so far away.
  4. by   mariessas_mom
    Check and see if your school will let you take the assesment again. I did not do well on my math one and placed into basic math. I got an algebra study guide and about a month later I took the test again and placed 2 classes higher into elementary algebra. Saved me a year of math classes I would have been bored in. As it is, when I got into elementary algebra, everything came back and it was an easy A.
  5. by   EMTtoRN
    The college assessment test start off easy and then get harder and harder, so if you were lost towards the end, then it means you got FAR!!! I am sure you did great! How long do you have to wait until you find out placements?
  6. by   ARmickie
    Don't worry so much about your test until you get the results. (Yeah, right.. I didn't buy into that either!!) I think I just about drove myself crazy. I was almost afraid to see how bad the score was. But, they weren't bad at all. In fact, I was awarded a scholarship from the school! Keep in mind, I've not been in school for 15 years, and I thought I'd score really low on the test when I turned it in. So... keep your chin up.. You never know. And, I agree with taking the test over if you don't like the score.
  7. by   Cindee
    Thanks all! I will know the results in about 2 weeks. I did study for a few weeks before the test. But I didnt see any of the algebra that I studied on the test! I just may take the test over, depending on my scores. But on the other hand, I want to start at the very begining if that what I need. Thank you for helping me get through this. I dont think I would try so hard if I didnt have this encouragement!
  8. by   KattB
    I know what your going through Cindee, I too went crazy until I knew my scores. I haven't been in school for 18 years and I never went to college and I took the assessment tests and placed at college level for the reading and writing but didn't do so great on the math. So I am taking Pre-Algebra and Algebra so I can be sure and know this stuff. I am just getting started on pre-req's this summer, I start June 1. You will do fine and don't worry about the age thing either. I felt old when I went in to take those assessment tests but there was quite a variety of ages in there so I didn't feel quite so bad (I'm 36). Good luck to you and I hope the 2 weeks go by superfast for you!!