Just another "no friends in nursing school" rant

  1. I've always been socially awkward and a bit unusual..strange, really. My mom used to tell me that in nursing school people find their best friends and become very tight knit. This hasn't happened for me. I'm now going into my second month and it seems like everyone has found their group, and I'm just kinda quiet and when I'm not, I'm spoken over or am not acknowledged.

    I found out today that I'm the only person who scored a 90 or above on our first theory exam, and feel like that has placed me even further into not being liked although I was very humble about the grade I received. I realize I don't need a social group to finish nursing school, but it would take away the feeling of "outsider".. I've never had many friends, maybe 1-2 in regular school..sometimes none..but I had high hopes that this would change.

    Is there anything that can make this journey easier other than having that social group? Is there a moment where things just suddenly change?
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  3. by   Wuzzie
    What your mom said might have been true for her but I would be hard pressed to remember even one name from my class and we only graduated 27 students. Don't worry about it. Also never share your test scores with anyone no matter how you did. Badness will ensue. Trust me on this.
  4. by   prettywishes
    Thanks Wuzzie.

    I'll just think of something else to say when everyone shares what they got rather than a number since it seems to cause so much animosity. It's nice to know how I'm doing compared to the rest of the group, but it seems to backfire. I am very happy and proud of the grade I received and feel like I handled the situation very well. I'm not trying to bring about resentment from my cohort though, so I will keep it to myself from now on.
  5. by   KThurmond
    Congrats on the good grade! Even though it may feel lonely sometimes, sometimes its good to do your own thing and stay out of drama. Our cohort has only been in class a few weeks and already people are arguing over grades and trying to get answers from others for the online quizzes.
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  6. by   prettywishes
    Thanks for your response and the congrats!

    Sometimes I get a gut feeling that it's better to be on my own, just sucks to feel left out. I have noticed a lot of those same things in my cohort. I also know there are eyes and ears everywhere so it's probably best not to be involved in the drama, especially when insulting instructors right in the hallway. Sometimes I feel like my class has reverted back to a high school/middle school mindset which I had a very hard time with socially as well.
  7. by   shibaowner
    Don't tell anyone your grade. Just say, "I am happy with my grade," or "I did ok." You're not at nursing school to make friends. It's only been 2 months, anyway. Give it some time. Also, try to do something outside of nursing school - the gym, yoga, crossfit, etc. Use social media and so forth for virtual friendships. You will be given group assignments and that is a good way to get to know people. Good luck
  8. by   Creamsoda
    Oh man. yeah I have heard that same thing, you will find your best friends in school. Sure for some. Im an introvert. I really didn't care for school or the group activities they all seemed to relish in. Yeah I felt like a bit of an outsider, but I still had my friends outside of school. If you really do want to make friends try joining some clubs and get more involved in other activities. I graduated 12 years ago. Do I feel any sadness that I didn't make friends in nursing school? NOPE. School is but a distant memory. You will make better friends with people you work with when you graduate i think. Especially with the stress and competition of grades and such aren't a factor. Ive made way more friends with co-workers than I ever did in nursing school (which was not really any...I don't keep in touch with any of them). Honestly I found nursing school to be filled with too much drama. I had more like acquaintances in school There were people that I was more drawn to and we would do projects together because our personalities were more similar, but they really just stayed as acquaintances. You have your whole like ahead of you, friends will come and go, nothing is forever and permanent.

    Edit: also, I really only have a few close friends that I regularly hang out with. I tend to be friendly and be acquaintances with a lot of people, but I tend to really only hang with a few people regularly. Extroverts are the opposite where they consider everyone their bestie. Thats just not how I'm programed. You sound a lot like me and how I was in school. Don't get involved in the drama get through school and it will be behind you.
  9. by   fibroblast
    Same here... Imagine being 9 months in nursing school and having no friends to hang out with! Guess you can't force it. Seems like the one's with friends don't talk about things I like ( talks poorly of others). That may be the difference
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  10. by   S7ud3n7_Nur53
    Some of the best advice I ever received from my parents was to simply sit next to someone (in class) or pass by them and say "hello" with a smile. Sometimes you may appear unfriendly or unapproachable and a simple "hello" is an invitation for everyone around you to see that you are open and welcome. Just be patient and perhaps work your way up to more small-talk in the future as well.
  11. by   Apple-Core
    I can assure you if you were in my cohort you'd have at least one friend!

    I can't stand seeing people being left out, it really bothers me!
  12. by   prettywishes
    Quote from Union-Jack
    I can assure you if you were in my cohort you'd have at least one friend!

    I can't stand seeing people being left out, it really bothers me!
    Thank you! (:
  13. by   Rekt
    I usually had As on the majority of my tests in LVN school and when people ask I always tell them I got a C. It's easier to look below average because there's less of an expectation on you from my cohort.
  14. by   forevergreatful
    if you want to make friends start asking people if they want to study with you, believe me everyone would love to study with the person that get good grades cause that will give them better study habits and increase their chance of getting better scores. don't be shy just go for it.