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So after every exam, everyone starts the whole "how did you do?" I have gotten three A's and a B so far. Today after my third A, we did the whole routine of asking how you did. So pretty much... Read More

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    "If that was the case, then I should wait in the middle of the line with my 2.8 while the cum lade group gets to go first???, no, grades don't matter. Ask those who have those accolades and is STILL looking for work while O get a pay check in two weeks... "

    Gotta say I agree. Once you have your license, it is about experience and intangibles. They don't ask after your nursing school grades.

    I never ask anyone how they did. That is their business. If I'm asked "how did you do" I generally reply either "I did OK" or "I didn't do as well as I'd hoped to". Then I get pressed for a number. I've found if I don't answer, I get more razzing about being a know it all than if I just answer. Then there is the gal who sits in front of me and just turns around and grabs my graded paper off my desk. Yes, I've learned to turn it over and lean my elbows on it now!
    ^Thanks Dawn for understanding my perspective

    The issue for nursing students, in my opinion is the "competitiveness" in getting to that goal, sometimes does not turn off...then you see posts on people who do well in nursing school that do not get a job...if it were up to a recruiter, most of the time, they'll go for the person with the OK GPA, experience in the hospital, or interviews well with no experience than the cum lade that doesn't interview well, even though they think they "nailed it" because of their past success in nursing school. I see it on the threads all the time.

    I had a high GPA during the end of my junior year and was selected to get an internship, but turned it down...why? Because I knew that although that would've been nice to get that internship, I was more focused on completing my program and start "green", despite my previous experience; I still was coming out of school in a new role. That didn't stop me from getting a job, and it won't for anyone who thinks it would for their own grades-just giving out pearls of wisdom to think about at the sake of hijacking the thread, lol
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    I think we have different
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    For my intents and purposes, internship does equal job. Our med center has realized it's cheaper and easier to hire and train all their new grads at once, so I GN residencies are turning into the only way to get a job in that area. Two shots. Once in Jan and once in June. Based on GPA and HESI scores.

    We also have a competitive entry to our linked BSN program. Limited spots and, once again, must have a 3.0 minimum.

    Then of course, there's the competition of graduate school.

    I'm glad there are ways around the typical GPA/exit score stuff, because I don't believe grades necessarily reflect the ability of the student. And I agree, competitiveness between students doesn't really serve any purpose. It isn't a basketball...I don't get to go on the defensive when classmates are testing to try to stop them from scoring points. A united class is much healthier.

    But I think passing on this C=RN, grades don't matter attitude is harmful. It's nice that some people can charm/network their way through their career, but not everyone can, and people out there do pay real consequences for poor grades. Not even being considered at hospitals they dream of working at, not being able to pass the NCLEX, not getting into grad school, etc.

    We should be encouraging people to do their absolute best and learn as much as they can. If their best is As, they won't regret it. If their best is Cs, they shouldn't regret it.
    Can agree with your viewpoint especially your last point.

    I say grades don't matter, because there are people who are dyslexic, ADHD, etc who may be the best, most brilliant nurses out there, and may have gotten C grades, yet passed their boards the first time, while the A student needs to retake it over.

    I am a survivor of DV who had PTSD with (former) test anxiety. I didn't pass ADN school. Became a LPN, passed NCLEX the first time. Returned to RN school (BSN this time), quoted GPA already, passed the boards the first time.
    I am aware of my "quirks" where my GPA turned south because of real s/s I was dealing with at the time, and had no access to healthcare...Those were situations out of my control, however, have not stopped me in completion of my goals.

    When I say grades don't matter, I'm speaking to our teammates who do have struggles and are affected in some way, and could not get to those opportunities, but go there in their own way, and yet, they may be the best CNO or CEO that you may work for, or blaze a trail in helping our profession, you just never know.

    Off my soapbox I go...sorry to hijack the thread! ops: