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I'm a nursing student in my second year of the RN program and I am having such a difficult time with IV reconstitution and it's really discouraging me in this program. I'm mainly just having a... Read More

  1. by   audrey_
    yes I've heard of Lexicomp, I'm going to go through it and try to get more comfortable with some of the IV monographs & I will definitely try to request patients with more IV medications to get more practice! Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond!
  2. by   smf0903
    I work nights in a small hospital and we do not have pharmacy there after 21:00. We reconstitute everything for any new admits (meds that have yet to be profiled by pharmacy). You should have an IV manual available to you. In a pinch we look at the order to see what to reconstitute in (200mL/hr infuse in 30 minutes is a 100mL bag). Drips we have a manual made by our facility that is a step-by-step...if we remove any from the bag before adding the medication, if the reconstituted bag can only hang for x amount of hours, any special tubing needed, stuff like that.
  3. by   Lev <3
    The only meds i'm reconstituting is protonix with normal saline and zyprexa with sterile water. Oh, and now that there is an IV bag shortage, pharmacy is sending some of the IV antibiotics (like rocephin) to be given IV push, but they are send in a bag with the vial of normal saline and instructions.
  4. by   Here.I.Stand
    Quote from audrey_
    also, after having reconstituted the med. how do you determine what size mini bag you use? is there a particular calculation you do to figure that out or is that purely just based on nursing judgement?
    You look up the med. The drug manual/online pharmacy resources would tell you that Zosyn should be mixed in 100 ml. So you grab a 100 ml bag. My facilities have had 50/100 ml bags with a connector that snaps over the med vial, but if you don't have those you can inject NS from a prefilled syringe into the vial and then transfer it into the minibag. Just remember that if you use 10 ml, the minibag now has 110 ml -- not 100; you'd need to set your VTBI as 110 ml.

    Repeat with any other IV med.
  5. by   Orion81RN
    This is why I love pharmacists. If we don't have the med already reconstituted, I just call the pharmacy and ask. They let me know how much saline to mix it with. Lets say an ABT in powder form. They will say to draw up about 10 ml sterile water, mix it with the powder and inject it into the size IV bag they specify. Usually 250 ml or 500 ml NS.