It's almost time....

  1. WOW.. Monday is almost here... It seemed like forever for it to get here, but now this weekend is just flying by.... Monday begins the end of freedom for the next two years... But that is ok, I am still SOOOO excited and nervous about starting the program (ADN)... Just thought I would share my jitters with everyone Who else begins their actual Nursing program on monday???

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  3. by   rosemadder
    i'm going back monday (if it doesn't snow) for my second semester! tip: don't borrow trouble-take one day at a time!!!
  4. by   strangelilnurse
    I'm very nervous. Not about the first day of class...but just starting nursing school in general. I am already feeling overwhelmed just by looking through the syllabus. I'm sure I'll be ok...just feeling a little unsteady right now.
  5. by   GPatty
    School starts again tomorrow for me. Another semester under my belt! And you know what? I love nursing school and I can't wait! I know...I know.... What a nerd! Right? Well, I love school because it brings me closer and closer to my goal of being a NURSE!
    And, my bet is.... you'll feel the same way after you start, too.
    Just study and don't fall behind, and I'm sure you'll have no trouble. No trouble at all...
    Good Luck!
  6. by   Katnip
    I sterted a winter session class last Wednesday. Mid-term is this Wednesday. My husband gets a big kick out of that.
  7. by   Hooligan
    Good Luck to all you folks out there who start class today! I don't get to start till next wednesday Oh well...I guess I'll survive! I'm just so anxious to start! I really want to get all my pre-requisites out of the way and get crackin' on the meatier part of the program!!!! I'm taking "human growth and developement" and "medication dosage calulations" this semester. Next semester I'm going to be taking my CNA course and I think maybe A&PI. We'll see...I'm not sure what those two together would be like for a class load. BUT!...After that I can then apply to the program!!!!! Yeah!!!!

    Once again...good luck and a happy & successful semester to all!!!