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Wow, I have been stressing for about a month now about school. I was going to go night classes at a Comm. College, then because I have too many credit hours, the CC financial aid wouldn't pay. So... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    originally posted by ashemson
    well, i emailed the professor, he emailed me back, and said that they opened up each lab for one more person, so i quickly logged onto the school website and enrolled right then, got into the lab i wanted! yeah!
    online registering is soooo cool ! glad you got in to the lab that you wanted !!
  2. by   ashemson
    Yes, online enrollment is the best!
  3. by   peaceful2100
    Ashemson, CONGRATULATIONS on everything that is coming into place for you. I can remember a while back when you was trying to figure things out and I am glad you do. God is good and sometimes he don't give us a answer right away but when he does it totally blows us away when we least expect. This is truly a message from him. I wish you good luck as you finish your pre-req's up.